Falling Behind

I seem to be falling behind blogging. Somehow I knew I would eventually. It’s mainly because there are times when I don’t know what to write. When I have pictures I feel I have to write something about them and my mind goes blank. Then I don’t update and I fall behind. I really need to think about what I want from this blog.

In the end I didn’t enter the ‘Land of Mystery’ writing challenge. I had a few ideas and wasn’t happy with what I ended up with. I can never seem to place given objects into the story very well. Maybe I should try to discipline myself with one story and random objects being placed in the story somewhere. Sort of sounds like a good idea.
This month theme for the writing challenge is ‘Halloween’. I’ve already gone through 2 ideas for this and now got an idea for the third one. This is  where I need the discipline. One idea, one story. Never gonna happen!

On the cross stitching side, I’ve put Leonardo away (again). I got frastrated very easily and decided to give up. However, I am determined to get Leonardo finished eventually. I don’t know where or not to give the tilt stand another go or to sew him onto my small frame. Need to think about this.
I do have two finishes to show you though. I ventured away from aida and finally tried my hand on linen. However, I’m not easily converted. I guess it’s because I’ve been using aida since summer 2006. I need to do more on linen to like it a lot more.

Spot of tea. Stitched one 28 count linen with some recommended threads and some subsitutions.

Funny thing robort. Stitched on 28 count linen with some recommended thread and some subsitutions.

Into the zentangle world, I didn’t take part in this weeks Diva challenge. Ideas were in my mind but when it came to putting it on paper, I just couldn’t do it. So hopfully I will be able to take part this week.

Thank you to for taking your time to reading this blog and thanks for the comments. It means a lot, it really does.

Thanks for looking…


Zentangling Away

As I’ve said in my previous post I have been very much into the world of Zentangle over the resent weeks. I have been playing with layouts and still not sure on the best one. However, I do have my favourite!

This is my first A4 Zentangle border. Some elements I like, others I don’t:

This is my third page, my favourite one.

Here’s a close up:

I have got another page done but for some reason haven’t taken a photo of that one. Maybe next time…

Thanks for looking…

A Wizardly Good Read


By Albus Dumbledore

 No I’m only kidding!!

I’ve been into my Zentangles a lot over the last month and have decided to take part in the I am the Diva weekly challenge.
This week the challenge is to use only two Tangles: Jonqal and Opus. Jonqal was easy but Opus needed a little bit more concerntration for the time doing it. I like the way that Opus is framing the stamped image of the Wizard (Ok they are calling him Santa on the site but to me he looks like Albus from Harry Potter). 

Not much more to say I’m afraid to say… 

Thanks for looking… 

Leonardo WIP

The last two weeks I have been working on Leonardo. I started to do the backstitch on Wednesday. I have to say, I’m not liking the backstitch so much at the moment. Because most the area I’m doing is dark colours, it’s not easy to see where the black thread is. If I go wrong with the backstitch it’s hard to unpick and re-do.

Most of the window area is halfstitch, so it was pretty quick stitching up. But don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve stitched most of the one colour and when you go and do another colour, you spy a section where you missed the previous one? I seem to be doing it a lot with design!

I’ve been playing around with my camera recently and took a picture of Leonard as a drawing. Looks pretty good to me: 

I guess I just need to try out the watercolour function of the camera now. After all, that’s what sold me to the camera anyway!

Thank you for the lovely comments. Always bring a smile when I see them.

Thanks for looking…

For You Puppy Card

Hi all. My third post in the week!! I managed to finish a two-three year long UFO today. I’m trying to work out why he turned into a UFO. Perhaps it was because of the 18 count aida it was stitched on and at the time I didn’t like that count. But anyway I got him finished today which is good. Another UFO bites the dust but just how many have I got left to do??

Here he is without the backstitch:

And here he is with the backstitch:

Isn’t he just a happy little chap? Now what to do with him… He is meant to be a card (hense the title) but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Here he is more detail:

Thanks for looking…

Land of Story Writing

I’ve got two writing challenges that I would like to take part in this month. One is due for 1st October while the other one hasn’t got a deadline for it.

I seem to be in a fantasy mood at the moment, so the ‘Land of Mystery’ challenge is a good one for me. We need to include mysterious creatures in our stories. At the moment I’ve got a ghost appearing. Somehow I would like to have a twist to it to include at least one more creature. I do have a bit of an idea on what I’m going to write but I’ve got one more item I need to include. So far I haven’t been able to place that item in the story. I’m sure it will be included somehow. Just need my imagination to work.

The other challenge will be a challenge. ‘Going on and on and on’ needs at least 5 chapters to it. Where’s the challenge in that?I hear you ask. Well, it needs a catchy title and every chapter must have it’s own title. That’s not all. That’s just the story requirements. This challenge will need you to follow some graphic requirements as well. That’s right, graphics are needed for this challenge!
Like a normal book needs a cover, this story need a banner with the story title. Banners are normally 700×110. Then every chapter need an image with chapter number and it’s title. This will need to be 200×400. Finally we need a button with story title, sized 200×150.
Now is that a challenge for you?

I have already gone through 2 ideas for this one. And I feel a third one is creeping it’s way up. Sometimes I hate having many ideas at one go. It usually means that I start a new story everyday!!

Thank you for your comments. I do like reading them.

Thanks for looking…

Pincushions and art journaling

The leaves are already changing and it’s only the beginning of September. Somehow I think the seasons have become confused. Autumn feels like it’s here and just a hint of an early winter is in the air. Or is it just me?

 Last month I found a tutorial on how to make bottle cap pincushions. I seem to have caught the pincushion bug because I’ve already made 3 of them. I have also started to make one from a jar lid, I just need to make a circle big enough. At first I thought a 5″ x 5″ square then round the corners ould be right. How wrong I was! Looks like I might need a 7″ x 7″ square instead.

Also last month I found time to get into my art journaling. Now I have gotten into it, there is no stopping me! I’ve brought some more sketch books including my first ever Moleskine!. My sketch books will be used for different things. One book will be used for collaging, one will be used for my photos and my Moleskine will be used for… testing my new rubber stamps.

My first art journal, which is now used for collaging, has a mixtures of things amongst the first couple of pages. At first I was using it for my photos. Then I got other ideas for it in my head. Now it’s my collaging book. Already I’ve got a favourite page and about three that I’m not happy with. But I’m still a beginner so I’m still learning.

I’ve had a CD player for longer than a year and yesterday it decided to pack up. In other words, the CD lid didn’t want to shut plus it wouldn’t play my Creative Zen MP3 Player. OK, it charged it but I wanted to play it. So we managed to catch the shops before they closed and got another CD player. It plays and charges my Zen, which makes me happy!
I’ve tuned the radio into 105.4, Magic. I like Magic because of the music they play and less talk. And they play Westlife! Not many radio stations do these days. So all in all, I might still be annoyed with the other CD player, but I’m happy with my new one.

Thanks for looking…

P.S. Click on all photos to see them bigger.