Leonardo page 4 week 3

Last week was a good stitching week for me. I was able to get the stitching done on one side of the water jar, which meant I was able to do the backstitching that I wanted to do on Sunday. I guess it helped that most of the area I was stitching was made of mostly half stitches. And things always stitch up quickly when it’s half stitch.

The small section without any backstitch:

With the backstitch:

I have finished the short stories that I have been writing this month. One is already typed up and posted onto the forum. I have typed up the first chapter of the other short story, but I can’t start posting that one until I have created the graphics to go with it. Hopefully will do that tomorrow.
I have now returned to writing ‘The Hourglass School’. ¬†Until another writing challenge is up on the forum, I will be working on this and will hopefully have the next chapter up on my website very soon.

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Christmas almost wrapped up

I hope everyone is enjoying the lead up Christmas and got everything done and dusted. Nothing left to the last minute I hope!

I had Christmas all wrapped up last weekend, until I saw that someone had an extra present. It didn’t feel right to me. So today we popped into town and got a few extra presents. I know it shouldn’t have mattered but it kept playing on my mind so I had to do something about it. Now both parents have got 5 presents each.

One set of presents are the same. Different stitched animal but the same idea gift. I am still getting used to finishing my cross stitching into pillows, so the finishing side is never really as neat as the actual stitching. All I can say is that I am glad that I do not take part in exchanges. I will never be happy with the objects that I send out. I can’t say that I am truely happy with these Christmas presents, but I know they will love them no matter what. I guess it’s the critic in me that is always talking.
Anyway. At the beginning I didn’t think I was going to do any stitched pieces at all this Christmas. Then looking through my magazines, I came across a set of charts in the design library in of the many issues of The World Of Cross Stitching. It was under the title ‘Christmas quickies’ and quickies they were indeed! One took me just under two days to stitch while the other one took me a day to stitch. Both of which being stitched on my new found fabric, 28 count linen.

The dog with no backstitch.

The dog with backstitch.

The Robin without the backstitch

The Robin with backstitch.

It’s always surprises me how the backstitch can really bring the design to life. The dog piece didn’t really need the backstitch but then again the face was brought out by it. Don’t hate the backstitch, it’s worth it in the end. Easy to say, I know!

Then both of these pieces got turned into a very small pillow! With a little trim around the outside (which I still need to work on). They fit perfectly in the little gift boxes I’ve made. Along with a few chocolate coins…

Both of these little pillows are backed with felt. I tried some frabic on another piece, but to be honest I just love the feel of the felt so much better than the feel of the frabic.

You may have noticed I have now got another page up and running. There you will find the short stories that I have written this year. 5 in total, 4 of which are posted on my website. The fifth one will be on there eventually. Now I need to work on the next chapter of The Hourglass School and try and come up with an idea for the longest runng challenge. The ‘Going on and on’ one…

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Land of Story Writing

I’ve got two writing challenges that I would like to take part in this month. One is due for 1st October while the other one hasn’t got a deadline for it.

I seem to be in a fantasy mood at the moment, so the ‘Land of Mystery’ challenge is a good one for me. We need to include mysterious creatures in our stories. At the moment I’ve got a ghost appearing. Somehow I would like to have a twist to it to include at least one more creature. I do have a bit of an idea on what I’m going to write but I’ve got one more item I need to include. So far I haven’t been able to place that item in the story. I’m sure it will be included somehow. Just need my imagination to work.

The other challenge will be a challenge. ‘Going on and on and on’ needs at least 5 chapters to it. Where’s the challenge in that?I hear you ask. Well, it needs a catchy title and every chapter must have it’s own title. That’s not all. That’s just the story requirements. This challenge will need you to follow some graphic requirements as well. That’s right, graphics are needed for this challenge!
Like a normal book needs a cover, this story need a banner with the story title. Banners are normally 700×110. Then every chapter need an image with chapter number and it’s title. This will need to be 200×400. Finally we need a button with story title, sized 200×150.
Now is that a challenge for you?

I have already gone through 2 ideas for this one. And I feel a third one is creeping it’s way up. Sometimes I hate having many ideas at one go. It usually means that I start a new story everyday!!

Thank you for your comments. I do like reading them.

Thanks for looking…

Leonardo Weekly Progress

It’s that time of the week again. Friday. But this week it’s the beginning of another long bank holiday weekend for most people. Who agrees too many bank holiday’s in the last few months? Then there’s hardly in the middle of the year. Needs to spread the bank holidays out a little more…

Anyway Friday’s are for my weekly updates of Leonardo. I had high hopes this week that I will get the first page done. Just shows you not to reach too high. Last Sunday I stayed in and managed to make a start on the half stitches. I also corrected the mistake using the wrong colour. See if you can spot the difference in the pictures!

Sunday’s progress. Actually got a lot done… surprisingly!

This week progress.

He’s coming along. It’s annoying when I just out the thread away and have a new thread on the needle and I find I’ve missed out a whole section of the previous thread. For now on the palate area I’ve got to fill in some of the areas that I’ve missed. Then it’s on to the area behind the palate. Then of course it’s onto the backstitch. The backstitch alone will be done in between two maybe three days. But it’s worth it in the end since the detail is brought out with the backstitch.

Today I managed to stitch about 45 minutes on the Imagine design I started last week. I took a picture of last week progress but done a little bit more since the picture was taken:

I’ve only done the I, M and A


Champagne anyone? Well actually not for me, J2O if it makes any difference.

What’s going on? Well Country Companions Cheers! is now complete. That what’s going on. Really it’s just another finish for March, so why even bother celebrate? Guess I’m going with the theme of the cross stitch…

Stitched on 14ct white aida with DMC thread from the kit. Full stitches, half stitch and backstitch.

I’ll be finish-finishing Cheers! on a notebook. It’s my first time and will be getting out, or rather finding, instructions of how to fix the cross stitch onto the notebook. I don’t know whether or not he’ll use it, but hey it’s gonna be his birthday present anyway! lol
From Cheers! to Shaun the Sheep. I am now currently stitching Shaun the Sheep from Cross Stitcher 221. Shaun will be made into a birthday card. I’ll be looking out for a scene from the series for the background.

Away from cross stitching, I have written three chapters for my latest fanfiction called “Can’t Stop the Rain”. I have posted the first chapter over at Westlife Official Forum along with auditions. I know what I want to write for chapter four but I’m stuck for character names so I’ve called for auditions. But all is not lost. While auditions are running for the next week I will be writing the characters’ profiles. Before now I have had the characters talk about previous events and most of the time the ages and years doesn’t make sense. So this time things will be more carefully worked out.
I don’t have any plans for this story so I’m going with the flow. I want to be a few chapters ahead of myself, this way things should go smoothly and a chapter could be posted weekly. Hopefully!

Thanks for looking…