Leonardo page 4 week 3

Last week was a good stitching week for me. I was able to get the stitching done on one side of the water jar, which meant I was able to do the backstitching that I wanted to do on Sunday. I guess it helped that most of the area I was stitching was made of mostly half stitches. And things always stitch up quickly when it’s half stitch.

The small section without any backstitch:

With the backstitch:

I have finished the short stories that I have been writing this month. One is already typed up and posted onto the forum. I have typed up the first chapter of the other short story, but I can’t start posting that one until I have created the graphics to go with it. Hopefully will do that tomorrow.
I have now returned to writing ‘The Hourglass School’.  Until another writing challenge is up on the forum, I will be working on this and will hopefully have the next chapter up on my website very soon.

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Leonardo Page 4 Week 2

Last week saw me mainly stitching the water jar in Leonardo. I’m pleased to say that part is now stitched. I got annoyed whenever I saw a little part that I missed after I put that colour thread back. So I waited until the very end before I went back to fill in the parts that I missed. Thankfully there hasn’t been any major frogging yet. I just seem to start a few stitches in the wrong place, easy to see straight away and easy to deal with.
I’m hoping that by the end of the week I’ll have the area around the water jar finished, mainly because I am planning on having a backstitch Sunday. I’ve learnt from the first two pages not to leave the backstitch to last. You’ll find that you will be spending at least a week just doing the backstitch. Well, at least I do! So I’m now stitching a section and then doing the backstitch.

The weather here has gotten very cold. I’m finding my hands are getting cold during the day. I guess it doesn’t help with the fact that my desk is by the window. But until now my hands don’t get cold while stitching. But then again, its January so what do we expect?

We have now booked our holiday for April. If we hear otherwise (the place was/is up for sale) we are staying in the same penthouse apartment that we stayed in December. Hopefully we will be able to explore the area more this time round. Last time the weather wasn’t exactly the nicest around.

Saturday I got my charm bracelet back. I’ve now got a lion charm and the whole bracelet was cleaned for me to. Sunday saw me and dad sorting out my cupboard (at last). It looked more than there actually was. It was done within an hour or so. I said most of the stuff was for charity, and I was right. Half went to charity, half is going to the dump. Now it’s time to go through my cross stitch magazines (again) and work out I’m going to do with the cross stitch charts/kits that I have done.

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Another Page Finish

Hello everyone. Hope the weather is being good to you all. The wind has picked up around here and it is getting colder by the day. Just hope no real bad weather will come until 11th December.

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been meaning to update but sometimes I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to. Since my last post I have finished page 3 Leonardo. He’s been put a side since I didn’t think it was worth starting page 4, mainly because we’re on holiday next week. But last week I was thinking, was it a good idea to leave Leonardo? I tried to stitch something for a Christmas present but I kept going wrong  and gave up. I ran out of B5200 for nothing! 

Page 4 will be started when we come back from holiday. For now, after the bad and only start on the Christmas stitching, I have started to stitch a small Lickle Ted cover ted that came from an issue of The World Of Cross Stitching. I just love stitching this lickle bear and I might be taking one of my few kits with me next week. The question is, which one?

If you love Westlife and you like to read fanfiction, then please feel free to explore my website: stitchingwolf. There you will be able to read all of my short stories from August 2010 onwards. Also you can read one of my many long fiction stories, No More Heroes. I am currently writing another long fiction called Hourglass School which I am posting chapter by chapter on my website. So read along as I write! 

Now… How do I sort out the albums on my MP3 player? I know I have done it before…

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Weekly Challenge #45 + Leonardo

Hello all. Hope all is okay.

This week’s challenge from the Diva is to use the new tangle Punzel. It’s one of those tangles that you either find it easy straight away or need to work at it. I got it pretty quickly and haven’t stopped using it!

With this one I used a black sketch book and drew the tangles with white pencil. Then I used my watercolour set to add a colour.

I have also used this new tangle in my art journal:
I need to control myself a little better with zentangling. I seem to be using it in every little white space! The hands looked better without the tangle.

Me and my drawing is taking over my art journal. I’m liking creating these kind of characters.

Away from the zentangle world now and into the cross stitching one. I was going to update last Friday but I got upset that my MP3 player decided to pack up on me. It wasn’t even 5 months old!!! Got a new one now…
I said I felt page three of Leonardo will be my quickest page stitched so far. And I still feel like that. I could even see it being finished next week. Mainly because I’ve been doing the backstitch as I go. I do not like leaving the whole page of backstitch to last. It takes forever to do!

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment. It really makes me happy and I like reading them. Thank you.

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Leonardo Page 2

Since my last post, I have given my tilt stand another go. To be honest I just wanted to stitch Leonardo. I’m still going to look for another stitching stand. The best place for me is the Hobbycraft show at the NEC in November. We’re going on Friday 4th. I know what I’m looking for and hoping it will be a ‘no-sew’ frame.

Moving onto Leonardo. I put him back on the tilt stand on Monday morning after I finished a UFO. I forgot to take a picture of the finish and will show you next time. I managed to get the frabic taught with no difficulty but as the week went on, it lost its taughtness. I regained it again but the frame is sort of lop-sided. The one thing that I get frustrated with. However, I have managed to finish page 2 of Leonardo. I’m still not a fan of couching but I’m sure I’ll get there.

On the same day of finishing page 2, I started page 3. I was thinking of working on another UFO but carried on with Leonardo. I do feel page 3 will be a quicker stitch. Apart from the weekend I spend the mornings stitching and there’s nothing to disrupt that. Page 1 took about 2 months to stitch, mainly because of a week holiday and helping clear out my late granny’s house. Page 2 took a little longer. Again, I helped out clearing the house and then put Leonardo aside to stitch a wedding sampler for my cousin and her new husband (I got a thank you card from them at the end of September, so I’m happy). So hopefully page 3 will be finished before the first week of December (or am I being too hopeful?).

All pictures a clickable to see a larger image.

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Leonardo WIP

The last two weeks I have been working on Leonardo. I started to do the backstitch on Wednesday. I have to say, I’m not liking the backstitch so much at the moment. Because most the area I’m doing is dark colours, it’s not easy to see where the black thread is. If I go wrong with the backstitch it’s hard to unpick and re-do.

Most of the window area is halfstitch, so it was pretty quick stitching up. But don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve stitched most of the one colour and when you go and do another colour, you spy a section where you missed the previous one? I seem to be doing it a lot with design!

I’ve been playing around with my camera recently and took a picture of Leonard as a drawing. Looks pretty good to me: 

I guess I just need to try out the watercolour function of the camera now. After all, that’s what sold me to the camera anyway!

Thank you for the lovely comments. Always bring a smile when I see them.

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A new name but same old me

Hello all! How long has it’s been since my last update? 21 days in my calculation. So much for a weekly update for Leonardo huh? Oh well. Here’s an update for you anyway:

Mr frog seems to like to stay with me this month. I have frogged at least three times. One you already know about, the paint brush. Second on the palate knife?(the grey tool in the pot). And thirdly a little bit of white half stitch on the ink pot. I so hope this is the last day Mr Frog is around. I really don’t like him! But anyway, I feel this second page might be down before the end of August. So on average it takes me two months to stitch a page. But then again the last couple of months I have missed at least two weeks worth of stitching. Plus the week back in April, so that’s three weeks missed. But hey, there’s no time limit for this one!

Might be wondering about the title of this post? Well I’ve decided that ‘Sorbert’ was getting old so I changed the name. I couldn’t come up with anything better than ‘Sally Stitches’ but I think it rounds up what this  blog is supposed to be about. Me and my stitching. And more often than not a little rambling when I don’t know what to say!
New name but it is the same old me!!

Here’s a couple of pictures from the cricket back on 2nd July. Only a few words to say about it: it was an experience.

I will try and upload all of the pictures one day soon. These are just a taster.

Thanks for looking…