Leonardo page 4 week 3

Last week was a good stitching week for me. I was able to get the stitching done on one side of the water jar, which meant I was able to do the backstitching that I wanted to do on Sunday. I guess it helped that most of the area I was stitching was made of mostly half stitches. And things always stitch up quickly when it’s half stitch.

The small section without any backstitch:

With the backstitch:

I have finished the short stories that I have been writing this month. One is already typed up and posted onto the forum. I have typed up the first chapter of the other short story, but I can’t start posting that one until I have created the graphics to go with it. Hopefully will do that tomorrow.
I have now returned to writing ‘The Hourglass School’.  Until another writing challenge is up on the forum, I will be working on this and will hopefully have the next chapter up on my website very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


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