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I am just writing to let you know that this blog is now closed. However, I will keep this open as an archive.

My new blog is:

If you would like to follow my progress of Leonardo then please check out ‘A Stitcher’s Mythical Journey’.

Thank you for following this blog and thank you for the wonderful comments.

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Leonardo page 4 week 3

Last week was a good stitching week for me. I was able to get the stitching done on one side of the water jar, which meant I was able to do the backstitching that I wanted to do on Sunday. I guess it helped that most of the area I was stitching was made of mostly half stitches. And things always stitch up quickly when it’s half stitch.

The small section without any backstitch:

With the backstitch:

I have finished the short stories that I have been writing this month. One is already typed up and posted onto the forum. I have typed up the first chapter of the other short story, but I can’t start posting that one until I have created the graphics to go with it. Hopefully will do that tomorrow.
I have now returned to writing ‘The Hourglass School’.  Until another writing challenge is up on the forum, I will be working on this and will hopefully have the next chapter up on my website very soon.

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Leonardo Page 4 Week 2

Last week saw me mainly stitching the water jar in Leonardo. I’m pleased to say that part is now stitched. I got annoyed whenever I saw a little part that I missed after I put that colour thread back. So I waited until the very end before I went back to fill in the parts that I missed. Thankfully there hasn’t been any major frogging yet. I just seem to start a few stitches in the wrong place, easy to see straight away and easy to deal with.
I’m hoping that by the end of the week I’ll have the area around the water jar finished, mainly because I am planning on having a backstitch Sunday. I’ve learnt from the first two pages not to leave the backstitch to last. You’ll find that you will be spending at least a week just doing the backstitch. Well, at least I do! So I’m now stitching a section and then doing the backstitch.

The weather here has gotten very cold. I’m finding my hands are getting cold during the day. I guess it doesn’t help with the fact that my desk is by the window. But until now my hands don’t get cold while stitching. But then again, its January so what do we expect?

We have now booked our holiday for April. If we hear otherwise (the place was/is up for sale) we are staying in the same penthouse apartment that we stayed in December. Hopefully we will be able to explore the area more this time round. Last time the weather wasn’t exactly the nicest around.

Saturday I got my charm bracelet back. I’ve now got a lion charm and the whole bracelet was cleaned for me to. Sunday saw me and dad sorting out my cupboard (at last). It looked more than there actually was. It was done within an hour or so. I said most of the stuff was for charity, and I was right. Half went to charity, half is going to the dump. Now it’s time to go through my cross stitch magazines (again) and work out I’m going to do with the cross stitch charts/kits that I have done.

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A little bit of a catch up

Hello. First of all I would like to say thank you to those of you who visits this blog and say a thank you to those who leave a comment. I love the comments you leave and I welcome them with open arms, but just seeing the fact I’ve got visitors helps me to carry on writing this blog. It’s nice to see people are interested in my random words. So thank you, each and every one you.

You might be wondering about the title. I’ve got a few pieces of stitching that I haven’t shown you during last year. I looked through my blog posts, checked the pictures and saw what I haven’t added. So it’s a little bit of a catch up session this time round.
First up is the Lickle Ted design that I started back in November. I just love this lickle bear!

Then it’s a Christmas stitch. This one is called ‘Bearing Gifts’ and was a UFO (unfinished object) for a while. I’m happy this one is finished. The bonus of this one that there isn’t any backstitch!

You may remember me finishing this little robort character back in October. Before I finish-finished the Christmas stitching, I practiced on this piece first. Mainly because it was my first time finishing a piece stitched on linen and I didn’t want to ruin the Christmas stitching. However, I did stitch the two pieces differently. The way I stitched the two piece of frabic together on this one wasn’t working for me. So glad I practiced first!! And this is also my first time doing the cording around the finished piece as well.


I started on page 4 of Leonardo on Monday 2nd. So far I have got most of the water jar stitched. I have said that I would like to get this page done by the end of the month. But to do that, I need to double or even triple my stitching time. To be honest, I like waking up in the mornings and knowing that I’ve got about an hour and half of stitching time to enjoy (maybe that’s the reason I haven’t gotten a job yet…). I sometimes stitch in the afternoon but that always depends on my mood at the time. But even if I do triple my stitching time, I doubt I will get the page finished. And why rush it? It’s for me anyway.

Page 4 as on Monday 9th.

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Happy 2012

Happy 2012 everyone. (I know this is 4 days late but you know what they, better late then never!).

So the beginning of the new year was of to a good start. I said I wanted to sort out my bedroom and I started to do that on New Year’s Day. But the big  job still needs to be done. And that is to sort out the cupboard! It shouldn’t take long, maybe even just a mornings work. And as far as I am concerned, most of the stuff that is in there can go to charity.  

You may have noticed that I have added a new page to this blog, Rotation Rotation. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it simply means I have now got a rotation plan for my cross stitching. Since I have got two projects that I would like to carry on working with, I have decided to do one project every other month. So in other words, for Leonardo I am working on him in January then the next time I will work on him will be March. In February I will be working on my second project, The Snowman and then going back to him in April. Does that make sense?

Anyway, this is how I left Leonardo in 2011.
A nice half of the project finished.

And this is how I left The Snowman in 2011.
You can just make out the white even though I am stitching on blue frabic.

I have done the stupidest thing with The Snowman. Thinking at the time of starting back in Barmouth that I didn’t need the key chart page, I did! The blue that I stitched in full stitches was in fact meant to be half stitches!! I couldn’t be bothered to correct it. No one will know unless I do actually point it out to them!

I have other finished projects to show you that I haven’t shown you during last year, but I have forgotten to take a picture of them for this time round. Hopefully next time!!

Not only am I having a rotation plan for my stitching, I am also having one for my writing. I have got three stories on the go at the moment. One has got a dead line while the other two haven’t. One of them is my current long story ‘Hourglass School’. The other two are short stories being written for challenges. One I have made really good progress with, the other I am still working out if I’m going to stick to the beginning that I’ve got.
So one day I will be working on ‘Hourglass School’, another day I will be working on the longer running story and then the next day after that it will be this month’s writing challenge. Or will I throw that rotation away and just write on what I feel like?

Thanks for looking…