Christmas Tree… Zentangle Style

Hello all. Hope you are doing well and are staying in with this weather about. Just pick me up and take me to Barmouth. This is the weather we had for most of the week! Ha  ha.

Yesterday I did 7 Zentangle tiles with a Christmas Tree as the central image. I just wasn’t up to doing some stitching. They are now all in the post along with the ATCs and one of on its own.

Here’s the trees in close up:

And one with a little background:

I decided that I didn’t like the background so I didn’t do it on the others.

As I said in my previous post I did do a little bit of stitching last week. Not much mind you mainly because of the lighting. Even with the lights on, it wasn’t good for the eyes. But here’s my progress:

Can you guess what it is? Or is ‘The’ a bit of a give-away?

Before we went on holiday I took the advantage of taking a few pictures of the cats on the old boiler. When things got moved of it, they really took advantage of the space! They even fell of it a few times! Now, however, they are taking the space on the windowsill since we’ve got a new radiator there.

Thought I would show you the views that we enjoyed so much last week:

We discovered that the apartment we were staying at was up for sale. We didn’t know at the time. So we might not be able to book it again for April :(.

It’s Christmas stitching tomorrow since I’ve got more energy today. I haven’t left it too late…

Thanks for looking…


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