I arrived back home yesterday, feeling as healthy as can be. Today on the other hand, I am full of cold! Must be the weather we had up in Barmouth. Wind went up to 81 MPH. Thursday was the worst day. Mist, wind, and rain. It was too cold to go out for a longer walk. We went to the local Co-op everyday and by then we just wanted to go back to the apartment because it was just too cold. So most of the time we stayed inside and watched the world go by. Did a lot more art journaling then stitching mainly because the light wasn’t very good. The best day for stitching was Friday and by then I just didn’t want to do any. Spent most of Friday reading. Don’t get me wrong, I did do a little bit of stitching and I will show you the small progress sometime this week.
The heating is now done, so it’s just the fact of getting used to it. Took a while for this room to heat yesterday but it’s a lot warmer today.

I need to work on some zentangle tiles so I can get them in the post along with the last lot of ATCs this week. I kind of decided to send a zentangle tile instead of a Christmas card this year. All I need to do is come up with a design that I’m happy with! That’s what I’ll be doing to night. That is, if I’ve got the energy!

Thanks for looking…


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