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It’s here… Christmas!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Everything is wrapped up and just waiting to go underneath the Christmas tree.

Hope everyone has great Christmas and a happy new year.


Christmas almost wrapped up

I hope everyone is enjoying the lead up Christmas and got everything done and dusted. Nothing left to the last minute I hope!

I had Christmas all wrapped up last weekend, until I saw that someone had an extra present. It didn’t feel right to me. So today we popped into town and got a few extra presents. I know it shouldn’t have mattered but it kept playing on my mind so I had to do something about it. Now both parents have got 5 presents each.

One set of presents are the same. Different stitched animal but the same idea gift. I am still getting used to finishing my cross stitching into pillows, so the finishing side is never really as neat as the actual stitching. All I can say is that I am glad that I do not take part in exchanges. I will never be happy with the objects that I send out. I can’t say that I am truely happy with these Christmas presents, but I know they will love them no matter what. I guess it’s the critic in me that is always talking.
Anyway. At the beginning I didn’t think I was going to do any stitched pieces at all this Christmas. Then looking through my magazines, I came across a set of charts in the design library in of the many issues of The World Of Cross Stitching. It was under the title ‘Christmas quickies’ and quickies they were indeed! One took me just under two days to stitch while the other one took me a day to stitch. Both of which being stitched on my new found fabric, 28 count linen.

The dog with no backstitch.

The dog with backstitch.

The Robin without the backstitch

The Robin with backstitch.

It’s always surprises me how the backstitch can really bring the design to life. The dog piece didn’t really need the backstitch but then again the face was brought out by it. Don’t hate the backstitch, it’s worth it in the end. Easy to say, I know!

Then both of these pieces got turned into a very small pillow! With a little trim around the outside (which I still need to work on). They fit perfectly in the little gift boxes I’ve made. Along with a few chocolate coins…

Both of these little pillows are backed with felt. I tried some frabic on another piece, but to be honest I just love the feel of the felt so much better than the feel of the frabic.

You may have noticed I have now got another page up and running. There you will find the short stories that I have written this year. 5 in total, 4 of which are posted on my website. The fifth one will be on there eventually. Now I need to work on the next chapter of The Hourglass School and try and come up with an idea for the longest runng challenge. The ‘Going on and on’ one…

Thanks for looking…

Christmas Tree… Zentangle Style

Hello all. Hope you are doing well and are staying in with this weather about. Just pick me up and take me to Barmouth. This is the weather we had for most of the week! Ha  ha.

Yesterday I did 7 Zentangle tiles with a Christmas Tree as the central image. I just wasn’t up to doing some stitching. They are now all in the post along with the ATCs and one of on its own.

Here’s the trees in close up:

And one with a little background:

I decided that I didn’t like the background so I didn’t do it on the others.

As I said in my previous post I did do a little bit of stitching last week. Not much mind you mainly because of the lighting. Even with the lights on, it wasn’t good for the eyes. But here’s my progress:

Can you guess what it is? Or is ‘The’ a bit of a give-away?

Before we went on holiday I took the advantage of taking a few pictures of the cats on the old boiler. When things got moved of it, they really took advantage of the space! They even fell of it a few times! Now, however, they are taking the space on the windowsill since we’ve got a new radiator there.

Thought I would show you the views that we enjoyed so much last week:

We discovered that the apartment we were staying at was up for sale. We didn’t know at the time. So we might not be able to book it again for April :(.

It’s Christmas stitching tomorrow since I’ve got more energy today. I haven’t left it too late…

Thanks for looking…


I arrived back home yesterday, feeling as healthy as can be. Today on the other hand, I am full of cold! Must be the weather we had up in Barmouth. Wind went up to 81 MPH. Thursday was the worst day. Mist, wind, and rain. It was too cold to go out for a longer walk. We went to the local Co-op everyday and by then we just wanted to go back to the apartment because it was just too cold. So most of the time we stayed inside and watched the world go by. Did a lot more art journaling then stitching mainly because the light wasn’t very good. The best day for stitching was Friday and by then I just didn’t want to do any. Spent most of Friday reading. Don’t get me wrong, I did do a little bit of stitching and I will show you the small progress sometime this week.
The heating is now done, so it’s just the fact of getting used to it. Took a while for this room to heat yesterday but it’s a lot warmer today.

I need to work on some zentangle tiles so I can get them in the post along with the last lot of ATCs this week. I kind of decided to send a zentangle tile instead of a Christmas card this year. All I need to do is come up with a design that I’m happy with! That’s what I’ll be doing to night. That is, if I’ve got the energy!

Thanks for looking…