Another Page Finish

Hello everyone. Hope the weather is being good to you all. The wind has picked up around here and it is getting colder by the day. Just hope no real bad weather will come until 11th December.

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been meaning to update but sometimes I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to. Since my last post I have finished page 3 Leonardo. He’s been put a side since I didn’t think it was worth starting page 4, mainly because we’re on holiday next week. But last week I was thinking, was it a good idea to leave Leonardo? I tried to stitch something for a Christmas present but I kept going wrong  and gave up. I ran out of B5200 for nothing! 

Page 4 will be started when we come back from holiday. For now, after the bad and only start on the Christmas stitching, I have started to stitch a small Lickle Ted cover ted that came from an issue of The World Of Cross Stitching. I just love stitching this lickle bear and I might be taking one of my few kits with me next week. The question is, which one?

If you love Westlife and you like to read fanfiction, then please feel free to explore my website: stitchingwolf. There you will be able to read all of my short stories from August 2010 onwards. Also you can read one of my many long fiction stories, No More Heroes. I am currently writing another long fiction called Hourglass School which I am posting chapter by chapter on my website. So read along as I write! 

Now… How do I sort out the albums on my MP3 player? I know I have done it before…

Thanks for looking… 


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