Art Journal Card

Hello everyone. Hope you are well. I seem to be posting later and later these days. Oh well…

Yesterday (Saturday 12th) we celebrated mum’s birthday. It’s hard to just say mum’s birthday when both my late sister and my mum shared the same birthday. No one’s birthday is the same in this house. My birthday is a month before my late sister died, dad’s birthday is a day before the funeral and mum shares the same birthday. Can imagine how hard yesterday was. The nearer we got to Epping Forest, the harder it was for me not to cry. Then the flowers were put in the vase and a little while later, I was crying. Not for very long but still. I tried not to but there’s nothing I could do to prevent the tears.
It’s a little late, but Happy Birthday Emma. She would have been 25 if she had lived.

Second birthday without her and it’s still odd not buying or making two lots of birthday presents. Back in 2009 I had made 4 birthday cards. Two sets for me and two sets for dad. This year, I only made one. Doesn’t feel right. But anyway, mum loved her art journal inspired card.

This year I brought mum two art journal books. One for me to give her and the other one dad to give her. She has already read one and it seems to be a good choice. She enjoyed it and there was a lot of inspiration. Along with the art journal books, I got her a Beryl Cook calendar, and her favourite cappuccino chocolates from Thornton’s.

Because the chocolate was 2 for £5 I thought it would be best to get two of the same and let dad give her one as well.

One of the books include a DVD. We haven’t watched it yet but during the week we will do. I’m guessing it will go on for an hour but we don’t actually know how long it goes on for. So we will have to watch it and find out.

Also yesterday I got my two new pairs of glasses. Both of which have got a little bling on them. One of them is purple and the other is kind of like a reddish-purple kind of colour. Still getting used to them since my distance has changed.
It’s taken a while but the starlings have now found the fatballs in our garden. At least two where eating from them on Friday.

And of course the sparrows are as busy as ever in our garden!

Now onto stitching. I’ve been working on the canvas of page three of Leonardo the last two weeks. It seems to be going on for a while considering it’s mainly halfstitch. But it’s not too long before I’m doing the backstitch and the page is finished. Perhaps by Wednesday I can see the page finish. Just a little to much wishful thinking I think!

Once this page is finished I will make a start on the Christmas stitching. I already know what I’m going to stitch and have got the thread that I need. Just need to work out the fabric that I’m going to use…

Thanks for visiting…


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