Weekly Challenge #45 + Leonardo

Hello all. Hope all is okay.

This week’s challenge from the Diva is to use the new tangle Punzel. It’s one of those tangles that you either find it easy straight away or need to work at it. I got it pretty quickly and haven’t stopped using it!

With this one I used a black sketch book and drew the tangles with white pencil. Then I used my watercolour set to add a colour.

I have also used this new tangle in my art journal:
I need to control myself a little better with zentangling. I seem to be using it in every little white space! The hands looked better without the tangle.

Me and my drawing is taking over my art journal. I’m liking creating these kind of characters.

Away from the zentangle world now and into the cross stitching one. I was going to update last Friday but I got upset that my MP3 player decided to pack up on me. It wasn’t even 5 months old!!! Got a new one now…
I said I felt page three of Leonardo will be my quickest page stitched so far. And I still feel like that. I could even see it being finished next week. Mainly because I’ve been doing the backstitch as I go. I do not like leaving the whole page of backstitch to last. It takes forever to do!

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment. It really makes me happy and I like reading them. Thank you.

Thanks for looking…


One thought on “Weekly Challenge #45 + Leonardo

  1. Thanks for the links you sent me. I thought the tangle around the woman with the glasses was a scarf (a bit like a feather boa) and I didn’t see the hands at first. Leonardo is great! I really like the way the cats face has turned out.

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