Leonardo Page 2

Since my last post, I have given my tilt stand another go. To be honest I just wanted to stitch Leonardo. I’m still going to look for another stitching stand. The best place for me is the Hobbycraft show at the NEC in November. We’re going on Friday 4th. I know what I’m looking for and hoping it will be a ‘no-sew’ frame.

Moving onto Leonardo. I put him back on the tilt stand on Monday morning after I finished a UFO. I forgot to take a picture of the finish and will show you next time. I managed to get the frabic taught with no difficulty but as the week went on, it lost its taughtness. I regained it again but the frame is sort of lop-sided. The one thing that I get frustrated with. However, I have managed to finish page 2 of Leonardo. I’m still not a fan of couching but I’m sure I’ll get there.

On the same day of finishing page 2, I started page 3. I was thinking of working on another UFO but carried on with Leonardo. I do feel page 3 will be a quicker stitch. Apart from the weekend I spend the mornings stitching and there’s nothing to disrupt that. Page 1 took about 2 months to stitch, mainly because of a week holiday and helping clear out my late granny’s house. Page 2 took a little longer. Again, I helped out clearing the house and then put Leonardo aside to stitch a wedding sampler for my cousin and her new husband (I got a thank you card from them at the end of September, so I’m happy). So hopefully page 3 will be finished before the first week of December (or am I being too hopeful?).

All pictures a clickable to see a larger image.

Thank you for looking…


One thought on “Leonardo Page 2

  1. My stand is a no-sew with slots in the roller bars where the cloth is held in with what I guess you’d call flat doweling. It works very well; as I’ve recently found, I can roll almost to the very end without it slipping.

    I’m dreading couching a bit; my current project is the first I’ve done that uses it.

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