Falling Behind

I seem to be falling behind blogging. Somehow I knew I would eventually. It’s mainly because there are times when I don’t know what to write. When I have pictures I feel I have to write something about them and my mind goes blank. Then I don’t update and I fall behind. I really need to think about what I want from this blog.

In the end I didn’t enter the ‘Land of Mystery’ writing challenge. I had a few ideas and wasn’t happy with what I ended up with. I can never seem to place given objects into the story very well. Maybe I should try to discipline myself with one story and random objects being placed in the story somewhere. Sort of sounds like a good idea.
This month theme for the writing challenge is ‘Halloween’. I’ve already gone through 2 ideas for this and now got an idea for the third one. This is  where I need the discipline. One idea, one story. Never gonna happen!

On the cross stitching side, I’ve put Leonardo away (again). I got frastrated very easily and decided to give up. However, I am determined to get Leonardo finished eventually. I don’t know where or not to give the tilt stand another go or to sew him onto my small frame. Need to think about this.
I do have two finishes to show you though. I ventured away from aida and finally tried my hand on linen. However, I’m not easily converted. I guess it’s because I’ve been using aida since summer 2006. I need to do more on linen to like it a lot more.

Spot of tea. Stitched one 28 count linen with some recommended threads and some subsitutions.

Funny thing robort. Stitched on 28 count linen with some recommended thread and some subsitutions.

Into the zentangle world, I didn’t take part in this weeks Diva challenge. Ideas were in my mind but when it came to putting it on paper, I just couldn’t do it. So hopfully I will be able to take part this week.

Thank you to for taking your time to reading this blog and thanks for the comments. It means a lot, it really does.

Thanks for looking…


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