Land of Story Writing

I’ve got two writing challenges that I would like to take part in this month. One is due for 1st October while the other one hasn’t got a deadline for it.

I seem to be in a fantasy mood at the moment, so the ‘Land of Mystery’ challenge is a good one for me. We need to include mysterious creatures in our stories. At the moment I’ve got a ghost appearing. Somehow I would like to have a twist to it to include at least one more creature. I do have a bit of an idea on what I’m going to write but I’ve got one more item I need to include. So far I haven’t been able to place that item in the story. I’m sure it will be included somehow. Just need my imagination to work.

The other challenge will be a challenge. ‘Going on and on and on’ needs at least 5 chapters to it. Where’s the challenge in that?I hear you ask. Well, it needs a catchy title and every chapter must have it’s own title. That’s not all. That’s just the story requirements. This challenge will need you to follow some graphic requirements as well. That’s right, graphics are needed for this challenge!
Like a normal book needs a cover, this story need a banner with the story title. Banners are normally 700×110. Then every chapter need an image with chapter number and it’s title. This will need to be 200×400. Finally we need a button with story title, sized 200×150.
Now is that a challenge for you?

I have already gone through 2 ideas for this one. And I feel a third one is creeping it’s way up. Sometimes I hate having many ideas at one go. It usually means that I start a new story everyday!!

Thank you for your comments. I do like reading them.

Thanks for looking…


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