Pincushions and art journaling

The leaves are already changing and it’s only the beginning of September. Somehow I think the seasons have become confused. Autumn feels like it’s here and just a hint of an early winter is in the air. Or is it just me?

 Last month I found a tutorial on how to make bottle cap pincushions. I seem to have caught the pincushion bug because I’ve already made 3 of them. I have also started to make one from a jar lid, I just need to make a circle big enough. At first I thought a 5″ x 5″ square then round the corners ould be right. How wrong I was! Looks like I might need a 7″ x 7″ square instead.

Also last month I found time to get into my art journaling. Now I have gotten into it, there is no stopping me! I’ve brought some more sketch books including my first ever Moleskine!. My sketch books will be used for different things. One book will be used for collaging, one will be used for my photos and my Moleskine will be used for… testing my new rubber stamps.

My first art journal, which is now used for collaging, has a mixtures of things amongst the first couple of pages. At first I was using it for my photos. Then I got other ideas for it in my head. Now it’s my collaging book. Already I’ve got a favourite page and about three that I’m not happy with. But I’m still a beginner so I’m still learning.

I’ve had a CD player for longer than a year and yesterday it decided to pack up. In other words, the CD lid didn’t want to shut plus it wouldn’t play my Creative Zen MP3 Player. OK, it charged it but I wanted to play it. So we managed to catch the shops before they closed and got another CD player. It plays and charges my Zen, which makes me happy!
I’ve tuned the radio into 105.4, Magic. I like Magic because of the music they play and less talk. And they play Westlife! Not many radio stations do these days. So all in all, I might still be annoyed with the other CD player, but I’m happy with my new one.

Thanks for looking…

P.S. Click on all photos to see them bigger.


2 thoughts on “Pincushions and art journaling

  1. Love the pincushions. I’ve got all my supplies ready to make one myself! Not sure how it will turn out as I have a feeling that they might be quite fiddly! Did you find it easy?

    • Getting them started is a little fiddly mind you, but once you’ve got it started they are easy to make. To get the basic element, it really only took me about 30 minutes or so. Enjoy making them.

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