Cherished Wedding

Hello all. Well good news, the Cherished Wedding sampler is now finished. Actually I finished it yesterday! It’s been washed twice today. The first go wasn’t too bad but you could still see some marks. Second time was better. The marks are no longer visible. As long as the threads are DMC or Anchor, you will be able to wash your finished design.

All you have to do is use warm water and a little bit of washing up liquid. I left the frabic in the bowl for a few minutes then rubbed the frabic together where the stains were. Rubbing the frabic together made the difference the second time round. Then put the frabic into clean warm water, just to wash out the  washing liquid. Afterwards roll the frabic in a towel, this will squeeze out the remaining moisture. Then simply lay it on top of a towel, where it won’t get disturbed, and leave it to dry. I have been told that ironing it when still a little damp will help get more of the creases out.

 For the second half of the design, I did decide to leave out some of backstitching. I didn’t think it needed that detail. Over all the main stitching of the design didn’t take too long. The longest part of the design is the actual backstitching.

 It was fun trying to work out the personalization of the design. In my case I did the names in the female then male order. So in this case it’s Laura and then Robert. I don’t think there is actually a right way to do it, is there? You just do it the way you want to do it, surely. Funny thing is, we haven’t meet Robert so this is our first time meeting him tomorrow.

I do love the writing in this design. I also love the flowers. It doesn’t help the fact that I love lilly’s anyway! The finished design is 9″ x 15″ so there is no way I can quitely slip the present to the happy couple!

A picture of the finished design will be posted soon. I wasn’t happy with picture I took the other day.

Thanks for looking…


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