Cherished Wedding

Hello all. Well this is a little unusual for me. Updating on a Thursday!? Usually it’s a Friday for me. Well it would be if I was updating you on Leonardo. This time round, I’m not. Leonardo is put into the draw for now since he is on hold. I have got less then a month to stitch a wedding sampler for my cousin. And hense why I’m updating today.

I started on the Cherished Wedding design yesterday after going to my local hobbycraft on Tuesday to pick out a design. And I didn’t pick this design because of the lillys, even if they are my favourite flowers. I like the design in general and I’m hoping my cousin will like it.

This is what the design will look like when finished:

Click on the image to view bigger.

And here is what I did yesterday:

It’s a good start considering yesterday morning I wasn’t really having a good start. I had to sort out my PC first thing since something went wrong. But thankfully everything is sorted out now and I don’t have to worry about spending any money! lol

I have to admit it is refreshing starting a new project. It will give me a well earned break from Leonardo and hopefully recharge my batteries for stitching him. Sometimes that’s all you need to enjoy stitching your large project again. Step away from it and work on another design for a while. Then go back to it.

Ok better sign of before I write any more random words!! lol

Thanks for looking… 


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