A new name but same old me

Hello all! How long has it’s been since my last update? 21 days in my calculation. So much for a weekly update for Leonardo huh? Oh well. Here’s an update for you anyway:

Mr frog seems to like to stay with me this month. I have frogged at least three times. One you already know about, the paint brush. Second on the palate knife?(the grey tool in the pot). And thirdly a little bit of white half stitch on the ink pot. I so hope this is the last day Mr Frog is around. I really don’t like him! But anyway, I feel this second page might be down before the end of August. So on average it takes me two months to stitch a page. But then again the last couple of months I have missed at least two weeks worth of stitching. Plus the week back in April, so that’s three weeks missed. But hey, there’s no time limit for this one!

Might be wondering about the title of this post? Well I’ve decided that ‘Sorbert’ was getting old so I changed the name. I couldn’t come up with anything better than ‘Sally Stitches’ but I think it rounds up what this  blog is supposed to be about. Me and my stitching. And more often than not a little rambling when I don’t know what to say!
New name but it is the same old me!!

Here’s a couple of pictures from the cricket back on 2nd July. Only a few words to say about it: it was an experience.

I will try and upload all of the pictures one day soon. These are just a taster.

Thanks for looking…


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