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Cherished Wedding

Hello all. Well this is a little unusual for me. Updating on a Thursday!? Usually it’s a Friday for me. Well it would be if I was updating you on Leonardo. This time round, I’m not. Leonardo is put into the draw for now since he is on hold. I have got less then a month to stitch a wedding sampler for my cousin. And hense why I’m updating today.

I started on the Cherished Wedding design yesterday after going to my local hobbycraft on Tuesday to pick out a design. And I didn’t pick this design because of the lillys, even if they are my favourite flowers. I like the design in general and I’m hoping my cousin will like it.

This is what the design will look like when finished:

Click on the image to view bigger.

And here is what I did yesterday:

It’s a good start considering yesterday morning I wasn’t really having a good start. I had to sort out my PC first thing since something went wrong. But thankfully everything is sorted out now and I don’t have to worry about spending any money! lol

I have to admit it is refreshing starting a new project. It will give me a well earned break from Leonardo and hopefully recharge my batteries for stitching him. Sometimes that’s all you need to enjoy stitching your large project again. Step away from it and work on another design for a while. Then go back to it.

Ok better sign of before I write any more random words!! lol

Thanks for looking… 


A new name but same old me

Hello all! How long has it’s been since my last update? 21 days in my calculation. So much for a weekly update for Leonardo huh? Oh well. Here’s an update for you anyway:

Mr frog seems to like to stay with me this month. I have frogged at least three times. One you already know about, the paint brush. Second on the palate knife?(the grey tool in the pot). And thirdly a little bit of white half stitch on the ink pot. I so hope this is the last day Mr Frog is around. I really don’t like him! But anyway, I feel this second page might be down before the end of August. So on average it takes me two months to stitch a page. But then again the last couple of months I have missed at least two weeks worth of stitching. Plus the week back in April, so that’s three weeks missed. But hey, there’s no time limit for this one!

Might be wondering about the title of this post? Well I’ve decided that ‘Sorbert’ was getting old so I changed the name. I couldn’t come up with anything better than ‘Sally Stitches’ but I think it rounds up what this  blog is supposed to be about. Me and my stitching. And more often than not a little rambling when I don’t know what to say!
New name but it is the same old me!!

Here’s a couple of pictures from the cricket back on 2nd July. Only a few words to say about it: it was an experience.

I will try and upload all of the pictures one day soon. These are just a taster.

Thanks for looking…

Mr Frog go away

Hello all. It’s been two weeks since I last updated this thing and I’m sorry for leaving it this long. I wasn’t really in the writing blog mood. As for the weekend, we’ve a got cricket match to go to tomorrow (boring!!) and then possibly going to Epping Forest Burial Park to see our memorial for Emma in place. Of course Morph will not be on there yet, he will be added at a later date. Don’t remember Morph??? Here he is>>

So this week I haven’t done much stitching on Leonardo. I did a little on Monday and then was when I discovered where I had gone wrong. Much to my annoyance I learnt I added an extra half stitch. And of course that one extra half stitch would course a one or two problems. So on Monday I spent at 30-40 minutes frogging. My least favourite part of stitching. I could have just left it but it grew on me with the knowledge of where I had gone wrong, so in the end I unpicked every single stitch of the paint brush I had stitched in the previous two months. Heart aching to do but at least everything is mirrored up like it’s supposed to!

How much I got done before I started to unpick the paint brush…

After the dreaded unpicking… Please Mr. Frog stay way from now on?!

And my lates WIP picture for this week. Minus Tuesday and Wednesday since I was helping sorting out late Granny’s house again. And I’m there next week which means no stitching!

I am thinking about taking Leonardo of the stand since next week I’m sorting out my late Granny’s house. I’ll be glad when it’s all over and done with! Some things are going to auction, two boxes of glasses are already in auction ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how much we can get for those. Then we kind of decided to go to different auction houses around the country. So Bellmans is on our list along with Phillip Serrel auction house and Chiswick. All of which have been on TV through Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic. It should be fun but we need to send photos off first for valuations…

I would like to thank you for leaving comments. I cannot believe I have got over 30 comments!! Thank you all! And thank you for taking time out to look at this blog. Means a lot.

And if you scroll down (if you can’t see him already) you will see a new friendly face on the sidebar! He’s my little hamster… Enjoy feeding him!

Thanks for looking…