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It’s Friday. What are people doing this weekend? Anything interesting? Not for us. It’s food shopping in the morning then packing up stuff at my late Granny’s house in the afternoon. I think it would be easier to send everything of any value to an auction house and sell somethings as one big lot. Quicker and easier in the long run but some how don’t think that will happen! We’ll see though.

Anyway onto my current stitching of Leonardo. Not much has been done this week but I have started on page 2 which is good. In the last two-three days I have been working on the “artist brushes” pot, just really managing to do most of the grey full stitches. But who wants me to talk about the progress when you can see the picture?!

By the looks of things this page might be mainly half stitches so it could be quicker to stitch up. But there is a bit more backstitch to do and some more couching (which I am not looking forward to do!!)

Might be wondering why this post is called ‘Imagine’? Well I have finally finished a small design. But if people who knows the design would see from the following picture that I missed a few things out. I really only wanted the word ‘Imagine’. I know before I said I needed to do more fantasy and that’s why I started to stitch it, but on Sunday I thought I like the word ‘Imagine’ on it’s own. So here it is:

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I know something will come to mind soon. It’s stitched on 14 count Ivory aida using full stitches and a small amount of fractionals. Really the fractionals are in the piece because originally the unicorn’s legs would be touching the tail of the ‘g’.

My sub copy of the World of Cross Stitching came today, much to my surprise! I’ll be reading it once I have finished the book I’m currently reading. I’ve only really got one chapter left to read, so I might read the magazine tomorrow.

Until next time… Thanks for looking.



Page one is finished

A small happy dance! Page one of Leonardo is now finished. I’m sorry I didn’t update you last week since I was busy sorting out my late Granny’s house. I didn’t get much stitching done. I only really managed to do a couple of hours on Monday before we went out to a garden centre. I stayed in on Sunday because I was still a little tired and managed to get a bit of stitching done.
Then came Monday. When I thought I didn’t do anything wrong… I spoke too soon. Mr. Frog came ūüė¶ and more than once! Everything is sorted out now but I have seemed to have missed a line somehow. Where, I don’t know but it’s nothing major! (she hopes) Anyway here is the page now finished:

I have to admit, I didn’t think much of the couching that is involved in this design. I guess it’s because I new thing to me and I just need to get the hang of it, just like everything else in life.

I do have two new finishes to show you. One of the finishes I started back at the end of April and I just didn’t get round to finishing him. The other finish is a quick stitch I’ve done for Father’s day. The design is from the latest Card Shop magazine and is designed by¬†Rhona over at the Tangled Threads blog. I have missed out most of the background but I did do that on propose. You will see why when I get round to making the card.
Here’s the pictures:
A stitching bear. Worked with full stitches only with backstitch. Stitched on white 14 count aida. Sorry for the blurred picture!
Cricket design. Stitched with full stitches, half stitches and backstitch. Stitched on ivory 14 count aida.

Thanks for looking…