Leonardo Weekly Progress

It’s that time of the week again. Friday. But this week it’s the beginning of another long bank holiday weekend for most people. Who agrees too many bank holiday’s in the last few months? Then there’s hardly in the middle of the year. Needs to spread the bank holidays out a little more…

Anyway Friday’s are for my weekly updates of Leonardo. I had high hopes this week that I will get the first page done. Just shows you not to reach too high. Last Sunday I stayed in and managed to make a start on the half stitches. I also corrected the mistake using the wrong colour. See if you can spot the difference in the pictures!

Sunday’s progress. Actually got a lot done… surprisingly!

This week progress.

He’s coming along. It’s annoying when I just out the thread away and have a new thread on the needle and I find I’ve missed out a whole section of the previous thread. For now on the palate area I’ve got to fill in some of the areas that I’ve missed. Then it’s on to the area behind the palate. Then of course it’s onto the backstitch. The backstitch alone will be done in between two maybe three days. But it’s worth it in the end since the detail is brought out with the backstitch.

Today I managed to stitch about 45 minutes on the Imagine design I started last week. I took a picture of last week progress but done a little bit more since the picture was taken:

I’ve only done the I, M and A


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