Leonardo Week 4

It’s Friday. Friday says weekend starts for some and for others it means Westlife performing Beautiful Tonight and having a chat with Paul O’Grady tonight on ITV1 from 9pm. (All live!) But for others it means a weekly update of their current WIP.
So today it’s week 4 of my progress report for Leonardo. It’s coming along nicely but today I realised I used the wrong colour for a certain symbol. I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it today so sometime during the weekend or next week it will be corrected. Of course to the untrained eye no one would notice the wrong colour. For now. Maybe next week people might see the change…
Here’s the progress as of 20/05/2011:
Please ignore the orange bit of thread, that was me marking out the fabric so I knew I wasn’t going to run out of room…

I keep saying to myself that I need to stitch more fantasy designs. I think I’ve only done 3 or 4 designs in the 6 years I’ve  been stitching. So today I started on a new project. Now I’ve got two projects on the go but the one started today is only 10×15 cm, so it’s not that big. It has a unicorn in it and has the word “Imagine” and is designed by Joan Elliot. More information and a picture to come next week.

I was saying to myself I need a day without writing. And today I had a day without writing! (Or have I spoken too soon, the day hasn’t finished yet…) I have been writing most of the week but nothing on the lines of a certain writing challenge over at I Believe I Can Fly forum. It’s not like I don’t have any ideas, I’ve got loads that’s the problem. I can’t just stick with one idea. Even if I finish a story another idea comes to mind and I forget about the one I’ve finished. So I don’t think I will be doing this month’s writing challenge even if I do have about 9 days left to do it in.

I wonder when my subscription copy of The World of Cross Stitching will come through… Hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for looking…


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