Leonardo Part three

Hello all. I hope you enjoyed the holiday report. More pictures to come your way soon…

Friday’s are days for updating you with Leonardo’s progress. There is at least three weeks of progress I haven’t posted. I’m enjoying every stitch of Leonardo and really look forward to seeing it finish. It will take me a while to do, perhaps most of the year but it will be worth it. I’m still on page one, but I can’t help but think if we stayed at home those two weeks most of the stitches I’ve done now would been already done. But never mind, I enjoyed the holiday and it was nice to get away from stitching for a bit. Anyway, think you’d rather see the picture right?

This piece has full stitches, half stitches and blending as well as backstitch and couching. I tend to do the full stitches first, then work on the blended area and then work with the half stitches. The half stitches uses different number of strands. Some would only use two strands while another colour would use five.
I was originally going to do the backstitch on the cat before I started stitching the pallet area. But in the end I started stitching the pallet.

Hopefully another update for you next week. Let’s see if I can get back in updating you weekly…

Thanks for looking…


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