Part Two

Here’s the second part of the holiday report:

Wednesday we went to Bath. We took the train and boy was it busy! We couldn’t sit down, thankfully Bath was only three stops away from Westbury train station. Once we got into Bath we went straight to Sally Lunn’s. It was my first time and I looked forward to trying the buns. I had half a bun with homemade cinnamon butter. I love cinnamon but I have to admit, there was just a bit too much. We brought some Sally Lunn’s buns from the museum and they were our breakfast for the next couple of days.

After Sally Lunn’s we went to the Roman Baths. After a while it got incredibly busy. Instead of walking around and looking at the artifacts and listening to the audio guides, we walked straight to the bath. It was like six tour buses had come in at once! We went to the pump room and tried the water. Boy was it warm!! Glad I tried it but won’t have it again. We needed a drink afterwards to take the taste away!
After that we went on the second site-seeing bus. It took us around the other parts of Bath including the University,  Royal Crescent and Circus.
While waiting for the train home, there were six seagulls on the roof of the platform. I couldn’t resist so I took a picture of them. One of them had the last laugh! Twice we had the announcement of our train being delayed. But eventually we got back. Our latest back but we got to see a few bats while sitting outside in the garden.
You may need to click on the image to get a bigger picture to see the six seagulls…

Thursday was Longleat day. We went through the monkey drive through but we didn’t get any monkey’s on our car :(. We think they must have gone a big black car once before in the heat and they didn’t like it. Doesn’t matter, it was fun seeing the monkey’s on the other cars.
When we went through the tiger part, we had a tiger walk past our car. I didn’t get a picture of this but I caught it video camera. Now that was fun! After the safari we went to the house. The house was better than Lacock abbey. We were in time to watch the old clock chime away. I was a bit disappointed with the monkey temple, there were no monkey’s running around :(. We went into the bat cave and we caught them being fed. There were a few people who really didn’t like it. I mean I don’t like it that much, but I stayed in there regardless. When we got to the parrot section, we’re allowed to feed them. When you go in they would fly over to you. I had one on my shirt and it walked around my collar. Mum fed them and the picture I took was one of my best.

Friday was beach day. We went to Weston-Super-Mare mainly because I wanted a little bit of the sea breeze considering it has been boiling hot weather all week. Wish I hadn’t gone! I wasn’t at my best and the sun was too hot. We spent most of the time just walking around aimlessly. We did pop into an amusement while we had a little rain. Other then that, it wasn’t that much fun. We should have gone into the sealife centre there. At least we would have been in shade and probably would have had more fun. But never mind.

On Saturday before we went home we back to Avebury. That is possibly the family’s favourite alongside Longleat.

Well I hope you like the holiday report. Full photos from every day, except Friday, will be posted soon. These are just selections. I have at least 166 photos!

Thanks for looking…


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