Today’s weather: Sunny with a little cloud and slightly windy with a patch of rain. Risk of thundery showers on Sunday…

Forget about the weather report, this is a holiday report! A long time waiting but pictures were finally uploaded today so it’s time to write…

On Saturday we had a few hours to kill before we could get in the cottage so we stopped at the Hawks Conservancy. It was unplanned stop but we had fun. Watched two flying demonstrations, both of which lasted about 20-30 minutes possibly a bit longer.  On one demonstrations the birds flew into the audience and you do have duck your heads!

The first night sleep at the cottage wasn’t a very good one. I had the boiler in the room with only a curtain to separate them. And the boiler was loud!! So the next day I turned the thing off. The second night sleep was much better!

On Sunday we went to Avebury Stones. Much bigger then we actually thought but it was fun walking around the stones and looking for different shapes. One of the stones, to me, looks like a goat’s head. Then another stone looked like a shark’s head at one side but on a different side it looked like it had a skull shaped face and it was smiling.
Of course people would begin to think I’ve gone a little crazy. Everyone would possibly see different shapes to these stones. This is really what I see.

Monday we did Stonehenge and Lacock. Stonehenge was a little bit disappointing. You had an audio guide and yeah it was good, but they just went on too long. By the time you got to a second marker, you’re still listening to the previous marker. Truth be told, I gave up with the audio guide. And a little tip… If you do want to see Stonehenge go when it opens. Leave it later in the day you’ll be in with at least 5 coach trips.
In the afternoon we went to Lacock. We did the abbey first then went to the village. In the leaflet it mentioned Harry Potter was filmed in the abbey. None of us could work out what films and what sections. When we got to the shop there a book called Harry Potter on Location. In the book it told us what section of the abbey was used. And it this:
You can just imagine the three walking down that corridor can’t you?
With the village it was a lovely place. One thing we did notice, mum noticed before me, was the fact that the village didn’t have any cables running around the place. You know like telephone wires and the likes. We only saw one TV aerial. So I could see why this little village was used for filming. The only downside was finding a place to eat. The red lion there had a party booked so you couldn’t eat there. The other one, forgot the name, finished serving food after 2pm. In the end we did find somewhere to eat. Again, forgot the name of the pub.

On Tuesday we went to Glastonbury. We visited the abbey and walked round the town. They had some badgers in the abbey grounds and unfortunately one badger got injured. They believe it had a row with another badger and it crossed a line. Or something like that. I hope the badger is alright.

Before I forget, in the morning we had two little visitors in our cottage garden:

The ducks did act a bit strange in this area. They fly onto the roof of a house opposite us. Every morning it was fun to look out of the window and see a duck on the roof. They also seem to fly in pairs. Two males or two females. Poor females, they got chased a bit! Anyway…
After Glastonbury we went to Wells cathedral. Unfortunately the only pictures I took are on my phone and I haven’t uploaded them yet. Besides we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the catherdral. If you want to take photos you have to pay £3 for permit. So I took pictures of the outside. They’ll come soon…

Tune in for part two of this report. Coming your way in the next couple of days…

Thanks for looking…


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