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Didn’t like the background or the header. So for now I have uploaded a temporarily header and a nicer colour background. What was I thinking with the pink!!!!!? A new header is needed…


Leonardo Weekly Progress

It’s that time of the week again. Friday. But this week it’s the beginning of another long bank holiday weekend for most people. Who agrees too many bank holiday’s in the last few months? Then there’s hardly in the middle of the year. Needs to spread the bank holidays out a little more…

Anyway Friday’s are for my weekly updates of Leonardo. I had high hopes this week that I will get the first page done. Just shows you not to reach too high. Last Sunday I stayed in and managed to make a start on the half stitches. I also corrected the mistake using the wrong colour. See if you can spot the difference in the pictures!

Sunday’s progress. Actually got a lot done… surprisingly!

This week progress.

He’s coming along. It’s annoying when I just out the thread away and have a new thread on the needle and I find I’ve missed out a whole section of the previous thread. For now on the palate area I’ve got to fill in some of the areas that I’ve missed. Then it’s on to the area behind the palate. Then of course it’s onto the backstitch. The backstitch alone will be done in between two maybe three days. But it’s worth it in the end since the detail is brought out with the backstitch.

Today I managed to stitch about 45 minutes on the Imagine design I started last week. I took a picture of last week progress but done a little bit more since the picture was taken:

I’ve only done the I, M and A

Leonardo Week 4

It’s Friday. Friday says weekend starts for some and for others it means Westlife performing Beautiful Tonight and having a chat with Paul O’Grady tonight on ITV1 from 9pm. (All live!) But for others it means a weekly update of their current WIP.
So today it’s week 4 of my progress report for Leonardo. It’s coming along nicely but today I realised I used the wrong colour for a certain symbol. I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it today so sometime during the weekend or next week it will be corrected. Of course to the untrained eye no one would notice the wrong colour. For now. Maybe next week people might see the change…
Here’s the progress as of 20/05/2011:
Please ignore the orange bit of thread, that was me marking out the fabric so I knew I wasn’t going to run out of room…

I keep saying to myself that I need to stitch more fantasy designs. I think I’ve only done 3 or 4 designs in the 6 years I’ve  been stitching. So today I started on a new project. Now I’ve got two projects on the go but the one started today is only 10×15 cm, so it’s not that big. It has a unicorn in it and has the word “Imagine” and is designed by Joan Elliot. More information and a picture to come next week.

I was saying to myself I need a day without writing. And today I had a day without writing! (Or have I spoken too soon, the day hasn’t finished yet…) I have been writing most of the week but nothing on the lines of a certain writing challenge over at I Believe I Can Fly forum. It’s not like I don’t have any ideas, I’ve got loads that’s the problem. I can’t just stick with one idea. Even if I finish a story another idea comes to mind and I forget about the one I’ve finished. So I don’t think I will be doing this month’s writing challenge even if I do have about 9 days left to do it in.

I wonder when my subscription copy of The World of Cross Stitching will come through… Hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for looking…

Leonardo Part three

Hello all. I hope you enjoyed the holiday report. More pictures to come your way soon…

Friday’s are days for updating you with Leonardo’s progress. There is at least three weeks of progress I haven’t posted. I’m enjoying every stitch of Leonardo and really look forward to seeing it finish. It will take me a while to do, perhaps most of the year but it will be worth it. I’m still on page one, but I can’t help but think if we stayed at home those two weeks most of the stitches I’ve done now would been already done. But never mind, I enjoyed the holiday and it was nice to get away from stitching for a bit. Anyway, think you’d rather see the picture right?

This piece has full stitches, half stitches and blending as well as backstitch and couching. I tend to do the full stitches first, then work on the blended area and then work with the half stitches. The half stitches uses different number of strands. Some would only use two strands while another colour would use five.
I was originally going to do the backstitch on the cat before I started stitching the pallet area. But in the end I started stitching the pallet.

Hopefully another update for you next week. Let’s see if I can get back in updating you weekly…

Thanks for looking…

Part Two

Here’s the second part of the holiday report:

Wednesday we went to Bath. We took the train and boy was it busy! We couldn’t sit down, thankfully Bath was only three stops away from Westbury train station. Once we got into Bath we went straight to Sally Lunn’s. It was my first time and I looked forward to trying the buns. I had half a bun with homemade cinnamon butter. I love cinnamon but I have to admit, there was just a bit too much. We brought some Sally Lunn’s buns from the museum and they were our breakfast for the next couple of days.

After Sally Lunn’s we went to the Roman Baths. After a while it got incredibly busy. Instead of walking around and looking at the artifacts and listening to the audio guides, we walked straight to the bath. It was like six tour buses had come in at once! We went to the pump room and tried the water. Boy was it warm!! Glad I tried it but won’t have it again. We needed a drink afterwards to take the taste away!
After that we went on the second site-seeing bus. It took us around the other parts of Bath including the University,  Royal Crescent and Circus.
While waiting for the train home, there were six seagulls on the roof of the platform. I couldn’t resist so I took a picture of them. One of them had the last laugh! Twice we had the announcement of our train being delayed. But eventually we got back. Our latest back but we got to see a few bats while sitting outside in the garden.
You may need to click on the image to get a bigger picture to see the six seagulls…

Thursday was Longleat day. We went through the monkey drive through but we didn’t get any monkey’s on our car :(. We think they must have gone a big black car once before in the heat and they didn’t like it. Doesn’t matter, it was fun seeing the monkey’s on the other cars.
When we went through the tiger part, we had a tiger walk past our car. I didn’t get a picture of this but I caught it video camera. Now that was fun! After the safari we went to the house. The house was better than Lacock abbey. We were in time to watch the old clock chime away. I was a bit disappointed with the monkey temple, there were no monkey’s running around :(. We went into the bat cave and we caught them being fed. There were a few people who really didn’t like it. I mean I don’t like it that much, but I stayed in there regardless. When we got to the parrot section, we’re allowed to feed them. When you go in they would fly over to you. I had one on my shirt and it walked around my collar. Mum fed them and the picture I took was one of my best.

Friday was beach day. We went to Weston-Super-Mare mainly because I wanted a little bit of the sea breeze considering it has been boiling hot weather all week. Wish I hadn’t gone! I wasn’t at my best and the sun was too hot. We spent most of the time just walking around aimlessly. We did pop into an amusement while we had a little rain. Other then that, it wasn’t that much fun. We should have gone into the sealife centre there. At least we would have been in shade and probably would have had more fun. But never mind.

On Saturday before we went home we back to Avebury. That is possibly the family’s favourite alongside Longleat.

Well I hope you like the holiday report. Full photos from every day, except Friday, will be posted soon. These are just selections. I have at least 166 photos!

Thanks for looking…


Today’s weather: Sunny with a little cloud and slightly windy with a patch of rain. Risk of thundery showers on Sunday…

Forget about the weather report, this is a holiday report! A long time waiting but pictures were finally uploaded today so it’s time to write…

On Saturday we had a few hours to kill before we could get in the cottage so we stopped at the Hawks Conservancy. It was unplanned stop but we had fun. Watched two flying demonstrations, both of which lasted about 20-30 minutes possibly a bit longer.  On one demonstrations the birds flew into the audience and you do have duck your heads!

The first night sleep at the cottage wasn’t a very good one. I had the boiler in the room with only a curtain to separate them. And the boiler was loud!! So the next day I turned the thing off. The second night sleep was much better!

On Sunday we went to Avebury Stones. Much bigger then we actually thought but it was fun walking around the stones and looking for different shapes. One of the stones, to me, looks like a goat’s head. Then another stone looked like a shark’s head at one side but on a different side it looked like it had a skull shaped face and it was smiling.
Of course people would begin to think I’ve gone a little crazy. Everyone would possibly see different shapes to these stones. This is really what I see.

Monday we did Stonehenge and Lacock. Stonehenge was a little bit disappointing. You had an audio guide and yeah it was good, but they just went on too long. By the time you got to a second marker, you’re still listening to the previous marker. Truth be told, I gave up with the audio guide. And a little tip… If you do want to see Stonehenge go when it opens. Leave it later in the day you’ll be in with at least 5 coach trips.
In the afternoon we went to Lacock. We did the abbey first then went to the village. In the leaflet it mentioned Harry Potter was filmed in the abbey. None of us could work out what films and what sections. When we got to the shop there a book called Harry Potter on Location. In the book it told us what section of the abbey was used. And it this:
You can just imagine the three walking down that corridor can’t you?
With the village it was a lovely place. One thing we did notice, mum noticed before me, was the fact that the village didn’t have any cables running around the place. You know like telephone wires and the likes. We only saw one TV aerial. So I could see why this little village was used for filming. The only downside was finding a place to eat. The red lion there had a party booked so you couldn’t eat there. The other one, forgot the name, finished serving food after 2pm. In the end we did find somewhere to eat. Again, forgot the name of the pub.

On Tuesday we went to Glastonbury. We visited the abbey and walked round the town. They had some badgers in the abbey grounds and unfortunately one badger got injured. They believe it had a row with another badger and it crossed a line. Or something like that. I hope the badger is alright.

Before I forget, in the morning we had two little visitors in our cottage garden:

The ducks did act a bit strange in this area. They fly onto the roof of a house opposite us. Every morning it was fun to look out of the window and see a duck on the roof. They also seem to fly in pairs. Two males or two females. Poor females, they got chased a bit! Anyway…
After Glastonbury we went to Wells cathedral. Unfortunately the only pictures I took are on my phone and I haven’t uploaded them yet. Besides we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the catherdral. If you want to take photos you have to pay £3 for permit. So I took pictures of the outside. They’ll come soon…

Tune in for part two of this report. Coming your way in the next couple of days…

Thanks for looking…