Lovely weather

Its been lovely around here for the last couple of days. The cats are enjoying the sun, staying outside most of the day and only really coming in for their tea. Today there is hardly a cloud in the sky and hardly any wind.

Yesterday this blog celebrated its first anniversary. I was going to update yesterday but got caught doing other things. I would like to this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who takes time out to look at this blog. And a massive thank you to those who leave a comment. It always makes me smile every time I get a comment. So thank you. Here’s for another year of blogging!

Mother’s Day has come and went so it is now time to show you what I did and got for Mother’s Day. I stitched a present and a card for my mum and then when I popped into town I got some other things as well. It’s safe to say that my mum loved her presents!

First up is the biscornu I stitched:

Side view:

Stitched on 14ct white aida. Changed the recommended DMC to other thread in my stash. Full stitches only with backstitch. Design from World of Cross Stitching magazine, design library.

After the biscornu, I stitched the design for the card:

Then I made the card:

The other presents I got mum were; a “time for tea” set:

And her favourite cuppuccino chocolates:

Away from the Mother’s Day gifts to the daily stitching. I have started the Leonardo design I go for my birthday. I wasn’t going to but I reasoned I was going to get a bit done before the holiday. I started Leonardo last Friday and have been enjoying him. I don’t think I’m going to get the first page done before next Saturday but I think I’ve got a good chance of stitching the part of the cat on the first page. Here’s what I’ve done over the week:

Hopefully I can do a good lot of stitching next week and get a good part of the first page done before the holiday. As for the holiday stitching, I really don’t know what I’m taking (if any). Will let you know what I’m taking if I decide to take any!

Thanks for looking…


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