It’s Shaun the Sheep

It’s Shaun the Sheep, it’s Shaun the Sheep. (I like “It’s Timmy Time! better) No I haven’t gone completely mad. My latest finish is Shaun the Sheep. I am now ahead of myself, stitching wise, for the birthday. Now all I have to do is make the card and deal with the notebook. I’m heading into town tomorrow so will get the notebook then, along with some chocolates for Mother’s Day.

Stitched on 14ct ivory aida. Converted Anchor to DMC and sub one colour. Full stitches only with backstitch.

For my birthday I got a subscription to the World of Cross Stitching magazine. I recieved my sub on Saturday and the sub gift at the beginning of the week. A lot of the subscribers didn’t get their free Winnie the Pooh chart, and I was one of them. However, the people at the magazine knew about this and sent the chart on its own. My chart came today. Poor postman, making a second trip to our house twice in one week. I don’t stitch Winnie the Pooh normally but at the moment I feel like I should stitch this one since they posted it out. We’ll see what happens.

Now that Shaun the Sheep is finished I don’t know what I’m going to stitch next. Leonardo is calling my name to be started, but I really don’t want to start a new project just now. I’m going on holiday on 16th which is only a couple of weeks away. I guess it’s a good idea to work on a UFO and try to get one finished. Sound like a good idea. Which one? I don’t know. Just go with my heart’s direction I guess. Or see which one takes my fancy. I’ve only really got 10 left to chose from, how hard can it be? A big one, medium or small? I’ll let you know soon…

Thanks for looking…


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