Champagne anyone? Well actually not for me, J2O if it makes any difference.

What’s going on? Well Country Companions Cheers! is now complete. That what’s going on. Really it’s just another finish for March, so why even bother celebrate? Guess I’m going with the theme of the cross stitch…

Stitched on 14ct white aida with DMC thread from the kit. Full stitches, half stitch and backstitch.

I’ll be finish-finishing Cheers! on a notebook. It’s my first time and will be getting out, or rather finding, instructions of how to fix the cross stitch onto the notebook. I don’t know whether or not he’ll use it, but hey it’s gonna be his birthday present anyway! lol
From Cheers! to Shaun the Sheep. I am now currently stitching Shaun the Sheep from Cross Stitcher 221. Shaun will be made into a birthday card. I’ll be looking out for a scene from the series for the background.

Away from cross stitching, I have written three chapters for my latest fanfiction called “Can’t Stop the Rain”. I have posted the first chapter over at Westlife Official Forum along with auditions. I know what I want to write for chapter four but I’m stuck for character names so I’ve called for auditions. But all is not lost. While auditions are running for the next week I will be writing the characters’ profiles. Before now I have had the characters talk about previous events and most of the time the ages and years doesn’t make sense. So this time things will be more carefully worked out.
I don’t have any plans for this story so I’m going with the flow. I want to be a few chapters ahead of myself, this way things should go smoothly and a chapter could be posted weekly. Hopefully!

Thanks for looking…


One thought on “Cheers!

  1. Congratulations!!!! He’s adorable and I think he’d make a great book cover 🙂

    I didn’t know you were a writer! I’ve always wanted to write a book. Maybe someday…

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