I had a good birthday yesterday. We went to the Victoria and Albert museum then had pizza from Pizza Hut. I ordered the large pizza with the stuffed crust and guess what… I couldn’t eat it all! I only really managed two slices. But to be honest I had the garlic bread starters and two glasses of orange juice. They a lone filled me up. All in all a good day.

Here are my birthday cards that I got (I’m still waiting for one as far as I know…):

If  you click on the image to get a bigger picture, I think you can see a cat on the greenhouse down the bottom of the garden. That would be Winnie. She loves sleeping there in the afternoons when the sun is out.

Here are my presents(I have been told that there’s two main presents on their way.):

I feel this could be my next project after all the presents and cards stitching.

Might start watching this tonight! Have now got all the seasons!

Now for some stitching… Yes I’ve managed to do some stitching during my birthday weekend! lol Well actually I did some stitching on Friday and today. Here are my Friday’s stitching:

Both stitched on 14ct ivory aida with recommended DMC with one or two subs. Full stitches with a little bit of backstitch for the frog’s mouth.

Today I made them into cards and are now currently under a heavy book to flatten down a little..

As you can see here I did carry the backing paper onto the back of the card. I did this to the Frog card as well.

And for those who want to know I didn’t do the stitched frame around the characters. I made the frame with the spellbinder dies. But here are the designs showed in the Cross Stitch Crazy issue 133:

Without the stitched frame both these was a quick and easy stitch. I feel like I will be doing the Panda again since he looks soo cute!!

Anyway… Thanks for looking


One thought on “Birthday

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!! Looks like you got lots of nice goodies 🙂

    I love the small designs you’ve stitched. Always good to have on hand for gifts.

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