Country Companions, a WIP

Hello all!  Two posts in one day but three posts in one week!! Is that heard of from me? Anyway since my last post I have decided what to stitch next. It is a birthday piece and I don’t really need to rush it or anything. Already half of it is getting done. Here’s my progress:

About 3-4 hours worth of stitching on day one.

About 2-3 hours worth of stitching on day two

On day three I’ve only done about an hour and half worth of stitching. I don’t have a picture to you of that progress yet, but shall share it with you sometime next week.

Now away from stitching… Something I don’t really share… A drawing!

With or without shading?

This is supposed to be Nicky Byrne. I am the first to admit that I am not a very good drawer and when it comes to people I can safely say… It’s my worse thing to draw! But hey ho I still try!

Here’s the picture I was drawing from:

This is from the Westlife calendar 2011. 

Any resemblance at all?? 

 Thanks for looking…


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