Hampton Court Palace Finished

So 2 UFOs are now done and dusted. Hampton Court Palace didn’t take me very long to stitch, it was just a lot of… on and off stitching for the couple of days I was stitching it. Even when it came to the backstitch, I did about an hour then I stopped. Thinking about it, it might not have taken about 5 days of stitching if I just sat down and concentrated on it. But never mind, it’s done now.

I do apologies for the quality of the pic. This was what I did before I put it to one side and completely forgot about it. 

Here it is now finished:

 Hampton Court Palace, Textile Heritage Collection. Designed by Anne Orr.

So my next UFO to be worked on is the All Our Yesterday Family Walk on the Promenade.

Here is how much I did before putting it back into its packaging:

And here is how much I have done since Sunday:

It’s coming on nicely. I’m kind of hoping the Father will be finished within the next couple of days. Who knows, it might be finished this time next week…

Just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely comments. They do mean a lot to me.

Thanks for looking….


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