Pen “Thanks” card No.2


Just thought I’d show you the second pen “thanks” card. As you can see I turned this one into an easel card. There’s hardly any difference within the stitching. But there is at least two differences. First, the colour of the word “thanks”.In my first one the ink colour was the lighter blue you can see on the pen. This one the ink colour is done in the darker blue. The other difference is the two dots. On the first one there was two dots at the end, this one there are not dots. Other than that it is the same design.

All I need to do now is write in them and send them out. After all, how many days has been since Christmas?? Better late then ever as they say.


2 thoughts on “Pen “Thanks” card No.2

  1. Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog! Yours is new to me and I am having fun looking through it. I love the Thanks design you did, and your stamping is awesome.

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