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Happy New Year

It’s finally coming to the end of 2010! It couldn’t have come fast enough. This year hasn’t been our best with my sister Emma dying in April and Granny in November. So We will be glad when 2011 starts.

So let’s begin the celebration now shall we lads? lol

Anyway, who has made their new year resolutions then? For me I’m keeping it simple, something that IS achievable. Who remebers my post about my UFOs back in July?

Well my main resolution is to try and get all of my UFOs done before I start a new project. Should be easy, and it shouldn’t take that long to do. I’m planning on doing the smaller UFOs first then make my way through the bigger ones. But when I’ve finished my Kevin Sorbo cross stitch I will carry on with a Lickle Ted kit I started back in November.

Looks like this is the last post of 2010 on this blog. Happy New Year! and I’ll see you in 2011!


Cushion picture

Whoops!!!! I forgot to post a picture of the finished cushion for the Kingfisher. Sorry guys! So here it is:

Thanks for looking…

36″ Floor Stand

Well I think the title of this post says it all! I got the floor stand for Christmas. I set it up on the day and put my now current WIP (work in progress) on it. It has made stitching easier already since I don’t have to hold the frame anymore. The only downside of it is… It’s just a little bit too big! I think something smaller would have worked and it would’t take up so much room. I’m just gonna say I’m glad in a bigger room! lol

(Yes I’m back doing my Kevin Sorbo cross stitch!)

(Just a small collection of books behind…)

Snowflake Tags

I made some tags to put on the presents. They were very quick and easy to do. The cross stitch was done in about an hour and I kind of cheated with the tags… They were already made! They were actaully the free gift that came with CrossStitcher issue 234.

Here’s the finished stitching:

Here is the finished tags:

Snowflake Tags

-CrossStitcher issue 234

-Project by: Annette Kriksson

-DMC 159 and Pearlescent Effects E5200  


Thanks Card

When you receive a present it’s nice to send a thank you card. I’ve got two to make but I’ve already started one. I’m still thinking about the background on the actual card… But here’s the stitched piece:

Thanks cross stitch

-Cross Stitch Crazy issue 134

-Designed by Tracey Gwynne

-DMC as listed in the key, change of two colours- DMC 444 to DMC 745 and DMC 728 to DMC 727

The background

-Darkroom door: DDRS047 Correspondence

-Distress Inks: Faded Jeans, Old Paper

-Clear embossing powder

-Archival Ink: Jet Black

Kingfisher finish

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and got what they wanted.

Well I managed to get the Kingfisher design finished in plenty of time for Christmas. I finished the whole thing on Tuesday 22nd. The whipstitching took me at least 3 hours to do! But you know what, it’s well worth it. (picture heavy)



-World of Cross Stitching issue 135

-Designed by Pollyanna Pickering

-DMC as listed in key