I went to the craft show at the NEC on Friday 5th November 2010. I brought a few things that I didn’t really need. But with the pricese I couldn’t resist!! Here the things I brought:

This is what I brought from the Black Sheep stand. Both packs of threads were, wait for it… £4.99 each!! The smaller one has got about 6 light effect threads in it and they are like £1.49 each at HobbyCraft. The aida was £9.99, which I thought was reasonable. The All Our Yesterdays kit is actually a chart booklet with the threads in which you need to stitch the designs. I got this because of the price and I love All Our Yesterdays. It was only £4.99. Who could resist that?!

Lickle Ted again! Both of these kits only cost me £3 each! You know the stand where you can get a magazine and a good bag for £5? Well that’s where I got these kits from. I think I’ve got about 4 kits of Lickle Ted to do now!

I can’t remember which stand I got this lot from. It was a good bag purchase anyway. I fell in love with the Woodland Folks cross stitch kits as soon as I saw them (I’ve yet to purchase one) and I immediately feel in love with the this lot. I can only remember Sally Squrriel and Olly Owl. I can’t remember the other character names!

Last but not least, I brought these bags from the Pinflair stand. Really the only thing I brought from my little list. That’s my Christmas presents sorted! I just need to stick the frabic onto the bags, finish Fantasia (hopefully this weekend!) and make a start on a kingfisher design…


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