Needed 504, no 504!

Don’t you just hate it when this happens? You spend about an hour or so stitching away happily, go for a short break, come back and only just realise you have stitched in the wrong colour! Of course you would be annoyed at yourself, who wouldn’t be? So I started to unpick what I’ve stitched and only come into the mood of doing some CSS coding. So I put the stitching away and tried my hand out with the three column layout. (You can view my progress of my CSS learning here:

During the weekend I realised I was going to run out of thread (again!) so I had to go to my local HobbyCraft. I managed to get the threads  I needed for the kingfisher design. But guess what? They didn’t have the number I needed! I needed 504 and they only had 503 and 505. Where was 504?? So I ended up trusting myself with the shade of thread. Of cause, the shade I brought was a shade too dark. So I ended up using a shade in my stash. You can tell where the different shade is a little bit, but it’s not a big deal. Just so annoying!


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