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Cross stitching and crafting

We’ve got snow here!

This picture was taking this morning through my bedroom window with my mobile phone. The snow here isn’t as thick as some places but it’s going to continue during the week. Thursday could be the worse day although it’s a chance that we could miss it.

I’m making good progress with the Kingfisher cross stitch design. I think I have got a bit of space left to be able to do the running stitch which was lucky. I do have a few pictures to show but I can say I have done much more then in the pictures. I will take another picture this week to show you the latest progress. It is a joy to stitch I can say that honestly. Though there is a lot of similar colours being used. Anyway… pictures??? Here you go:

Just a close up. See how close I am to the masking tape? Take that off and I should be able to the running stitch around the design.

After 3 days of stitching. Of course I had to start again with this design. I noticed what I was doing wrong on Saturday and managed to make a clean start again on Sunday. This picture was taken last Wednesday, but more has been done since then.

As for the crafting side of things… I’ve made a few Christmas Trees ATCs for the Craftpixies ATC swap.

Which is my favourite one??

This one of course!

No stitching tonight since I’ve got the new Westlife DVD! I’ve got documentries to watch!!

Thanks for looking…


How stupid…

How stupid can a person (or a cross stitcher) be? As you know I have started on the Kingfisher last week. Yesterday I realised I was stitching the design the wrong way. So I was stitching the design landscape when I was supposed to stitch it portrait. On Sunday I made a fresh start. Should have made the frabic a  bit bigger. But never mind. As long as I have got enough room to do a running stitch around the design, it shouldn’t be to bad. Fingers crossed! lol 

I am now listening to Westlife new album Gravity. And I must say… half way through the album and me is liking! 

Thanks for looking…  

“Take A Letter”

Here are the ATCs I made for this month Stampman ATC swap:

I do quiet like all of them but my favourite one has to be:

If you look closely, you can see the stamped image behind the letter. I lined the letter up with the stamped image really to give it  a 3d effect.

Thanks for looking…

Kingfisher stitching 1

I managed to start in the Kingfisher this week. So far so good I’m actaully enjoying stitching it. I did make a mistake already on the “N” but I managed to sort it out with out having to do too much unstitching. I seem to be stitching a lot in the evenings now. I just need to stop myself when I get too tired or otherwise I will make stupid mistakes.

I’ll give you another update next week with a picture that has more to see. But just as a reminder of the what this will look like when it’s finished:

Thanks for looking…

Fantasia Cushion Finished

Much smaller than I had thought.

The running stitch and the whipstitch was the quickest part of this project, though the whipstitch is still a little hard to do but this is really only the second time doing whipstitch so really I’m still learning. Other than that it’s great to see it finally finished.

Thanks for looking…

Well it’s a Tuesday and I thought I’d better update… (I’ve pictures to upload from camera to PC before I can post them on here.)

I popped into town yesterday to get Westlife new single Safe. And have been listening to it since I came home (Though right now I am actaully listening to the Face To Face album). But what I should say is… I have finished Fantaisa!! All the stitching, all the running stitch and all the whipstitch is done! It came out smaller then I had thought it would. But hey-ho, it’s finished now and I can make a start on the Kingfisher design tomorrow. (After I have sorted out the ATCs for my swap and posted them that is!)

More updates to come tomorrow, as I said at the beginning of this (yet again) small post, I’ve still got to upload the pictures. So I’ll be posing again tomorrow!

A Kingfisher Project

Thought I’d show you what I’m planning on stitching next when I’ve finished Fanatsia. It’s going to be turned into a cushion as well but will be given to my dad for Christmas. I’ve got most of the threads, apart from two. I actaully thought I had them or I did buy them during the weekend but looks like I was wrong! Never mind!