Step by Step 1

So in the afternoon I decided to make my 2nd and final “All things magical” ATC for my own swap. I have decided to do a step by step guide for this ATC, just to show how easy it is!

What you will need:

Creative Expressions-Lost Garden Window

(Can’t remember where the dragon came from!)

Big and Juicy ink pad-Foilage

Archival Ink- Black

Clear embossing powder

Heat Gun

Card (ATC size, used water-colour paper for the dragon)

Craft sheet, sprister, water-colour pencils.

Step One:

With the big and juicy Foilage ink pad, place it upside down on your craft sheet. Press your fingers around the spong part. This will help apply the ink. Once you remove the ink pad, using the sprister apply water to the ink.

Step Two

Place your ATC card into the ink. Here you can decide where to place the card, it depends on the colour way you want. Once you have covered the card, dry it with the heat gun.

(Before you do, clear the excess ink up first. You can use another piece of card that can be used for another project or you can wipe it away with a piece of kitchen roll)

Step Three

Stamp the window desing more or less in the middle of the card. Please be aware the window design is slightly bigger then the piece of the card. Here you can decide what part to leave of. I made sure the top half was on the window. Once you have stamped, quickly apply the embossing podwer. Now heat it up with the heat gun.

Step Four

After you have embossed, this stage is your choice. You don’t have to do it. If you do you can decide where you want to take away the colour. To take away the colour, simply use a paint brush, water and kitchen roll. Once you have applied the water with the brush, dab the kitchen roll on the area to take the colour away. In this case I took a little colour away from the outside bricks.

Step Five

Now onto the dragon. I stamped and embossed him onto a piece of water-colour paper (300 gsm). Here you can use any card stock you have at hand. Once the dragon is embossed, i used water colour pencils to colour him in. You can use any medium here. Now the dragon is coloured in, cut him out.

Step Six

Decide if you want the dragon to be flat or 3d. If flat, use double sided tape (or your favourite medium). If you want him 3d, use foam pads (or again you favourite medium).

Step Seven

You may have noticed the card is bowing. To flatten, just place under a heavy book for a few hours.

Your ATC is now finished! I don’t time myself so my guess this ATC only took 30-45 minutes to make. Easy and quick!


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