15 sided biscornu

Hell forget 15 sided!! I’m bored with stitching the same blocks over again. Orginally you needed 10 blocks of block A and 5 blocks of block B. Well… I’ve only done 4 blocks of block A and 4 blocks of block B.

The one on the left is block A and the one on the right is block B.  Now I’ve only got 8 blocks altogether. I have actually started to stitch the blocks together. So far only 3 blocks are stitched together:

4 more blocks are waiting to be stitched together, while one block is waiting for the beading to be done.

Once the beading is done and it is cut to size, I will stitch the remaining blocks together. Right now I am concerntrating on the Fantasia design. So it’s going to be a while yet before this biscornu is finished!!!


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