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Thank you

Over the weekend I was working on a thank you card for some relatives of mine. We went to see them on Thursday on our way home from Scarborough and thought it was nice to send them a thank you card, just to say thank you for having us. One of them is a big fan of ducks so I looked through my cross stitch magazines to try and find a design of a duck. Luckily I was in luck. When I found one I started stitching straight away. It only took me a few hours to stitch before it was complete. On Sunday I made the background of the card and the insert.

A picture of the finished card:

A look at the insert:

A closer look at the stitched duck:


There’s no such thing as too much chocolate

I love House Mouse Designs. I mean who couldn’t love them! I’ve known for a while that there as been a cross stitch series of House Mouse and I have come across one or two kits at craft shows. But over the weekend, I went to my local hobbycraft and as soon as I saw the House Mouse kit I knew I just had to buy it right there and then. In fact I think it was the only one there… I’m diffidently going to keep an eye out for more of the range in cross stitch and buy them when I see them. Even if I don’t need any more kits!!