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Fantasia collection- Dance of the Hours

I’ve decided to stop stitching the Japanese Butterfly design because I feel I won’t be able to finish it in time for November. So I’ve started on a new design last week. I think the title of this post gives things away, but the design is from the Fantasia collection and it’s called Dance of the Hours. Here’s the progress: (more pictures to come!)

updated: 18/10/2010

I know I can sometimes leave a stitch or two out which can cause a little bit of a problem, but how can I miss out an entire line?! Now that is causing me a bit of trouble. I am in the middle of working my way around it now but I think the backstitch will cause some problems that is for sure. But seriously… how can I miss an entire line out?!!!!


I went to hobbycrafts the other weekend to get some more thread because I thought I would run out of a particular colour. Turns out today that I didn’t have to  worry about it. Because I have decided to turn this into a big biscornu I will use the thread I brought for the border. I decided to make it into a big biscornu because I realised we will be having a fun time trying to find a place on the wall for it! haha. I say a biscornu because I will be doing the whipstitch technique and joining the two pieces of fabric together like a biscornu. But I won’t be adding the button in the middle at the end. So really it’s going to be a different cushion. All I need to find is the stuffing… I’m thinking of using the small white balls you get in bean bags. If I can’t find them then I’ll just have to try to find some ordinary cushion fluff to fill it with.


Don’t you just hate it when you run out of thread? I do! especially when it is a kit you are stitching. Luckily I already had the colour in my stash so I don’t have to worry about going to my local hobbycraft yet again. But if anything today I managed to get the stuffing that I wanted! That’s a plus!!! haha


It took too long to stitch the main green area of the stairs. So instead of going a long in a long line, I went up and down. This seemed to cover the area slightly quicker. I have decided not to do the clouds, I just don’t think it needs them. Soon I will be ready to to stitch the border.