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So I went through my cross stitch kits the other day and took out my UFOs (unfinished object). Out of 28 kits (yes I brought 3 more!) only 8 of them are UFOs, which is really surprising, since I thought I had more than that. But then I went through my cover kits, 24 of them, and found one more UFO. So that’s 9 all together.

These are my oldest UFOs. I brought these when I was just starting out as a cross stitcher. Though you may notice the owl isn’t actually a cross stitch. It’s not. It’s a tapestry that I started and put to one side after little work on it. So for just over 3 years it’s been a UFO. Will I ever see it finished?

Then I have the tigers. This is the oldest UFO. I had planned to this for my sister’s 21st birthday, like that ever happened! I’ve gone wrong on it so I am planning on re-starting it completely! All I need to get is the fabric, but I think it’s going to be the last UFO to be done.

Then following the tigers is the dolphin alphabet sampler. Why did I get that? I’ve got no real purpose for stitching it. I think I got it because it was half price, and the fact that  it was dolphins! I’ve done a little bit of it but again put it to one side and never picked it up again. Some how I can’t see that ever being finished!

Next in the line comes a vase of flowers and… Bollie the bear!! Remember I posted a few blog post about Bollie? He’s turned into a UFO again! I originally got him because he looked cute. One day I’ll see him finished for sure. He’s amongst the “UFOs to be done first” pile.

As for the vase of flowers, another one I don’t understand why I got. I guess it’s because at the very beginning I would stitch anything! I do fancy giving this one away, but can I really give it away as a UFO?

After those comes an All Our Yesterday design, a cat in the clothes basket design, a Country Companions card kit, a little Christmas bear design and a little dog design. The little dog design is actually my recent UFO. He’s on the top of my list to do first! The All Our Yesterdays design is actually half-finished. Why did this become a UFO? Started it last August would you believe, should’ve been finished by now! So after the dog and the bear is stitched I will be working on this design. I love the All Our Yesterday designs, so don’t really understand why this became a UFO… 

The Country Companions card kit was giving to me as a birthday present. I’ve started to stitch one of the designs but got tired of it, so just like everything else it was put to one side. The cards themselves can be used as mounts. They are too nice not to use them.

But as for the cat design… Well what was the point in starting it?! I only did like 8-9 stitches and put it away! I brought it because it reminds me of my own cat, Winnie. No other reason really…

Well… better call it quits! lol Hopefully all these will no longer be UFOs! Here’s for the hoping!