Japenese Butterfly

Ok so for now the Kevin Sorbo/Dylan Hunt cross stitch is being put to one side. Unless I decide to work on him during the weekends…

I have started to stitch my mum’s birthday present. On the kit it says “Butterflies” and then on the chart it says “Japenese Butterfly”. Either way there’s a butterfly on the design. Here are couple of progress pictures for you to enjoy…


2 thoughts on “Japenese Butterfly

  1. I saw your stitch work on Dylan Hunt, your work is really great, maybe you can see if Kevin Sorbo could sign it and sell it or create another one to do and sell. I was so amazed at your work, well done, very impressed.

    • Thank you Kiara. I am planning on keeping the finish piece myself but I am also planning on sending a picture of the finish piece to Kevin, just to see what he thinks.
      Thanks again.

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