Butterflies and Blossom

Hope all is ok! Just really giving a quick update here… Over the bank holiday weekend and half term (though its not really half term for me) I have been busy stitching a kit called Butterflies and Blossom. I don’t know why it’s called ‘Butterflies’ and Blossom because in the finished design there is only one butterfly, but never mind.

These pictures are showing the Butterflies and Blossom in progress. Starting from Friday and finishing on Sunday 6th July…

You maybe thinking it was hard to stitch on the pink fabric… The frabic was 14 count aida which makes the holes on the fabric easy to see. 14 count is my normal frabic count anyway, although I do stitch on 16 count when I do All Our Yesterdays designs.

This design has full stitches, backstitch, french knots and buttons. So if you are not keen on doing french knots… this is not a kit for you!! Although if you know how to do beading then you can replace the french knots with beads.


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