24 and climbing

Well yesterday I decided to take a picture of my cross stitch kits. The real reason… the bag they were in, broke! So using my sister’s room as a spear room, I put my 24 cross stitch kits into her room for temporarily storage. But one day I will be moving into her room, as always planned when she moved out. But her dying is another story, so I’m not in any hurry to move in! 

Anyway, the pictures shows the 24 kits I have collected over the last 4 years that I have been stitching. Some I only got because of the price, I will get round to stitching them but they’re not on the top of  my pile!


These pictures don’t even include the cover kits that you get with the magazines! Some of these I have started which have now become UFOs (unfinished objects) But one day I will get them finished!!!

I’m at 24 now and I’m still going to be climbing, with new designs coming out this month, how can a girl resist???


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