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Bollie update 3

You would probably like to know that half of Bollie is now done! (all but a small line of stitches but I’m doing that as the second half, thought it would make more sense…) Here he is with a little bit of backstitch done…

I think he does look a lot better when the backstitch was completed.

And I just thought I would show you how big the fabric is…

I don’t remember the size of the design since he came with a keyring I brought 2-3 years ago. But I would love to see him finally finished!


Bollie (again)

Here is Sunday’s work on Bollie:

I think he’s turning out quite well at the moment. I shall be working on him again soon but right now I’ve got a birthday card to sit down and make!

The Footballer

Remember the footballer I found amougst the Cross Stitcher magazines? Well I managed to finish him last night!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with him though. I guess I could make him into a card? What do you think?

UFO (unfinished objects)

Ok so now that Dad’s 50th birthday present is all stitched up, I can sit down and work on at least one of my few UFO’s (unfinished objects in the world of cross stitch). So I went through the cross stitch kits that I have started and worked out which one I wanted to do to…

And that’s where Bollie the bear came into it.

I don’t actually understand why he ever became a UFO. All I had to do was unstitched some of the stitches that I had done. Once I worked out where I went wrong, I unstitched the stitches and started again.

I have been working on Bollie almost every day of the week last week, and I’ve got quite far with it.


I’ve even managed to get some of the backstitch done!

 I have managed to get most of Bollie’s face done on Sunday but I haven’t taken a picture of him yet. But I will keep you posted on any further progress!

Car Boot Sales

It really is surprising what you can find at a car boot sale. Sunday was a good day for us car boot wise. I managed to get a cross stitch kit for £1 and a whole lot of Cross Stitcher magazines in the binders for £4. A cross stitcher’s heaven!

While I was looking through the magazines I came across a half done project…

I guess I could be nice and actually finish him off… just for the sake of it I guess. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it!

The lady who we brought the cross stitch kit from said “You can have it for a £1 if you promise to finish it”. I will get round to doing it one day, but right now I’ve got a few kits to do!




Welcome to the Sorbert blog! Yep that’s me, Sorbert!

This is not my first blog but i tend to leave it for a while then come back… so be warned!!! lol

Anything would be posted on here… It could be Westlife, Kevin Sorbo, (a bit of a hint about the name Sorbert there…) cross stitching, craft and whatever comes to mind!!